How to Distinguish whether a Person Wears a Toupee?

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Toupee or not toupee? It used to be that this question is easy to answer. Back in the old days, it's easy to spot whether a person is wearing a wig or not. But now, we live in a time when modern technology was already able to develop a hairpiece that looks like the real thing. So if you're planning to get a toupee then you should pause for a moment and be grateful for having the good fortune of being born in this age.

Companies nowadays seem to have perfected the art of toupee-making much to the delight of consumers. This is good news since nobody really wants to wear a wig that is too obvious. For some, they would prefer to be seen bald than to be caught wearing a wig. 

Kudos to companies that have really exerted the effort to create realistic-looking toupees that don't look like dead animals. By doing their best, these companies have shown that they really care about their customers and they really want their patrons to look good and, more importantly, to feel good about themselves. 

But if you're still interested in how to spot a wig, then you should know that through careful observation you can determine whether or not the hair on a person's head is toupee or not toupee. Of course, the only real way to determine whether an individual is wearing a wig or not is if you'll try to pull his or her hair. But that is not recommended. 

It's a sure recipe for disaster and gaining an enemy. What you need to do is to be sensitive to the signs that say a person's hair is fake. The following tips are useful for anyone who is planning to buy a toupee. You need to know the signs that give away your wig so you can do something about them. 

It looks too good to be true

You've probably heard of the saying, "if it seems too good to be true it probably is." That saying applies to toupees too. If you see someone and his or her hair looks perfect, then there's a good chance that he or she is wearing a wig. So if you have recently bought a wig, you need to make sure that it doesn't look too perfect. To do this you need to give your wig several shakes right after you've taken it out of the box.

Do not immediately wear your wig after pulling out of the box. The guys at the factor made sure that it would be perfect so that's how it would look on your head. Shaking them would make them look more like natural hair - your hair.

Then when you finally put it on your head after shaking it, it's advisable that you play with it a little just like how you would play with real hair. You need to get used to it first before it truly becomes a part of you. And when you're already comfortable with your wig, that's the tie you can go out while wearing it. 

The person is not moving its head

If an individual is not moving his or her head, then that person is most likely wearing a wig. He or she is careful about moving his or her head because of fear that the wig will fall off. This is a classic case of someone who is not yet familiar with a wig and who is uncomfortable with it, The fear comes from unfamiliarity and not being confident enough that the wig will stay. 

To avoid being such a person, you need to know the right way to wear a wig. Before going out with your wig, you need to familiarize yourself with it first. This way, you would not look awkward when you wear it. 

Hair has too much volume

If someone looks like he or she has too much hair, then that person is probably wearing a wig. If you're worried about getting a wig that has too much volume, then you need to consider getting a hand-tied wig. This kind of wig has a lower density than other types of wigs. This type of wig will not make you appear as you've suddenly grown a lot of hair.


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