Tips to Make Your Hair System Last Longer

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If there’s anyone looking for hair advice or pro-tip when it comes to hair system, most people suggest running towards Adam for it. Wearing a hair system for so long and with such finesse and style, the man has become a hair system guru. So, among the many questions thrown at him, there is only one question that he gets asked the most. What is it?

Well, the tips he uses to make his hair system last longer. There is no mystery here because the answer to this question is simple – or should I say answers?

Adam here covers three essential tips to make your hair system last longer and a brand to trust your gut with. Want to know what these tips are? Find out below.

Three Tips to Make Your Hair System Last Longer

No matter how good the manufacturer is, you must make the right choices when taking care of wigs to last you long. This leaves us wondering, what tips can make the hair system last longer? Your answer lies below.

1.   Choose a Thicker Base

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Always choose a thicker base regardless of the material for your hair system. Thicker bases are more robust and tend to last long. When opting for a poly base, you will find a lot of sizes. However, it is advisable not to go thinner than 0.08mm. The bases between 0.08 – 0.1 mm would last you a solid five to six months with ease.

When choosing between German, Swiss and French bases – Germans are comfortable but harder to find. Hence, French would be your next best option regarding comfort and durability. Swiss bases would hardly last you one to two months.

2.   Invest in a Good Quality Leave-In Conditioner

Investing in a good quality leave-in hair conditioner is essential. This is because the hair system isn't alive anymore and does not have a cuticle to protect it. Hence, it would help if you used a leave-in conditioner to protect it manually.

Use a leave-in conditioner twice daily if your budget can stretch this far. If not, restricting to once would do the job well too. If you are wondering what a good quality leave-in conditioner might be, Adam's bet is one Argan Oil. However, there are many others that you can find online as well.

3.   Don't Shampoo More than Twice a Week

One hair advice we cannot stress enough is not to shampoo your hair system hair more than twice a week. Shampooing too much can leave your hair system dry and brittle, leaving it to lose its shape and look pretty quickly.

While we understand that keeping your hair clean is essential, too much shampooing would only cause a loss. Hence, stick to shampooing once or twice a week and avoid using sulfate or alcohol-containing shampoos. These by-products would only add to the dryness we are trying to prevent and impact the prolonged life of your hair system.

Bonus Tip:

Since you've managed to read down till here, we would like to offer you a bonus tip too. While it might not always be possible, Adam strongly suggests that you cover your hair with either a cap, a beanie, or whatever you like when stepping out in the sun.

This is because the sun's harsh rays can oxidize your hair, leaving it brassy and impacting its original color. Hence, wearing coverage would give your hair system color the necessary longevity. 

Lastly, investing in a good quality hair conditioning serum and using it once every two to three weeks would also work well to look at your hair moisture. This hence will help give your hair system a beautiful and shiny outlook.

LaVivid Hair System – The Quality Manufacturer of Men Hair Systems

If there are one hair system manufacturer Adam trusts when it comes to durability, it might be this one.

LaVivid has always been Adam's most trustworthy manufacturer, a go-to place for him to purchase any hair system. Given LaVivid's wide variety of hair wigs and toupees, the company offers its users a versatile range to make their pick. 

Also, as described by Adam, the wigs are super comfortable to wear with their polyester material, giving the hair system a great fitting and look. The wigs are breathable and will not make your hair itch or sweat too!

With all these amazing qualities, along with the wigs' impeccable durability, he is guaranteed that the wigs will last him quite a few months. Hence, making his money worth it.

Talking about money, he cares about yours too. Hence, using the code Adam15 would give you an excellent discount enabling you to buy quality wigs at even more budget-friendly prices. 


Taking care of the hair system is essential to make it last longer. Hence, Adam is adamant about sharing with the world some essential tips to protect the hair system hair. We hope this article helped you understand the tips for caring for your hair system and that trusting LaVivid would be your best bet.


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