The Guide of How to Use Your Template to Cut A Hair System

November 24, 2020 Blog Views: 2008

Today’s article is really important for those who cut their own hair system against a template at home or plan to do that. If you use your template in an incorrect way, you could ruin your brand-new hair system. Before we talk about how to cut the hair system base using a template, let’s see how many ways are there for making a template.

Make A Template on Your Scalp

This is a method that a lot of people use. You can use saran wrap and tapes to make a template or you can use the plastic shell that comes with each hair system.

After the template is done, you perfectly copy your hair loss pattern. It might is symmetrical for some people but it could be not for others. So when you use this template to cut your hair system, let’s say you put the hair system base facing up on a mannequin head, and then place the template onto the hair system base and get the base cut, you actually need to turn the template that you just made inside out and then place onto the hair system base. In this way, you won’t get a mirror image. After the base is cut, it can fit your hair loss pattern perfectly.

Copy A Template from Your Old Hair System

Some people might find that it is easier to copy from the old hair system because it does require help when you make a template on your scalp. Some people might have their first hair system fitted in a salon, so the hair system base was cut perfectly matching their hair loss pattern. So copying a template from this hair system will be very convenient.

However, there are two ways that you might use to copy the hair system template. The first way is that you turn the base inside out and let the base side facing up and put on a mannequin head, and then place the plastic shell on the top and then draw the line of the edge. Then cut off the excess plastic shell and you will get a template done. When you use this template to cut a hair system with the base facing up on a mannequin head, then no need to turn the plastic inside out when using it to trace out the shape on a new system.

However, if you don’t copy the template with the hair system placing on a mannequin head but hold it in your hand and put the plastic shell inside of the hair system base and trace out the base. When you use this template to cut a hair system base, you need to turn the template inside out and place it on the hair system base and get it cut. Otherwise, you will get a mirror image.

All in all, when you make the template and use it to cut your hair system base, think it over and make sure you won’t get a mirror image especially if your hair loss pattern is not symmetrical. So if your hair loss pattern is symmetrical, this is not something you need to worry about. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and we are ready to help.


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