Necessary Hair Tools for Self Hair Cutting At Home

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Today we are going to cover a bunch of hair tools that you must have for self-grooming at home. Under the COVID-19 situation, we're all trapped in the house for the most part and people are doing their hair at home and have no other choices but to do some self grooming.


Clippers is essential because a lot of people are forced to be able to cut their hair at home and they don't know what tools to get. So this is what I would suggest. This is the Wahl wall magic clips. It's got the lever so you can adjust the different lengths. It is a must have if you're trying to cut your hair at home.  


Razor Blade

Another necessary tool is the Philips Norelco one blade. It looks like almost like a regular traditional razor. This thing is unbelievable and it is great for getting rid of all that hair up in your neck, the head and beard.

It can Shave any length not as close as a traditional blade so your skin stays comfortable; It has 3 options of combs in 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. Its dual sided blade helps for precise edging to line up your style.

razor blade


Another must have tool is scissors. They're sharp and works really well on hair. The thinning shears are great for reducing bulk in your hair. So you see there's got the different teeth in through here and these are the six inch fourteen teeth. You use these if your hair is getting a little bit thicker you can use the comb when your hair's dry and just kind of go through at the mid shaft of the hair and it'll help remove some bulk or some weight. Thinning shears are definitely a must have.



haircutting comb

This is a professional comb specially used for haircutting.

styling comb

This is a vent brush and it is great for styling the hair. There is air getting through when you blow-drying the hair.

wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb is great for styling and getting a feathered look.

These are all necessary tools for us to trim hair at home. Even if you don’t have the experience of cutting hair, you can use them to trim a satisfactory hairstyle for yourself. If you have some experience, it will be better. If you need any of this, please feel free to contact and we will help you out. or visit our website:  to order what you need.


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