How Many Celebrities with Alopecia?

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Celebrities with alopecia are quite common. It's proof that anyone can suffer from this condition. Below, you'll read stories of some of the famous people who have suffered from alopecia at one point in their lives but were able to recover.

Jesy Nelson 

Jesy is a singer and a member of the girl group Little Mix. Her hair loss started at a very young age. She was 13 when she first noticed that her hair was falling - and falling fast. She suspected that it was stress that caused her alopecia. Jessy was picked a lot in school because she likes to dress differently. It's a good thing that Jesy is now over that stage in her life. Her hair has regrown and she now actually has big hair, which loves very much. But she still remains as rebellious as her old self. She's one person who really doesn't like to fit in. 

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a famous model and TV host. And by looking at her when she was hosting the successful TV show America's Next Top Model, you won't suspect that she's suffering from alopecia. But there was a phase in her life when she began to lose hair. This is when she started to write her book. The added stress that writing a novel proved to be too much to the already busy Tyra. The stress caused her hair to fall. Even now, Tyral gets teary-eyed when she tries to recall that episode in her life. But she's happy that it's over and now her hair has grown back to its former glory.

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve became famous for portraying Superman in movies. Though he grew up to be the handsome man that we've known him to be, there was a part of his young life where he suffered from alopecia. He used to comb his hair over to hide the bald spots. He started to have bald spots when was 16 years old. And it lasted up the time he was filming Superman. In fact, he had to get steroid injections when he was shooting Superman to remedy the problem. The late actor was able to regrow his hair eventually.

Viola Davis 

When Viola Davis graced awards shows in the past, she had to wear a wig to hide her bald spots. It's a good thing that her alopecia didn't affect her acting performance. Davis is considered one of the greatest actors of our time and she has the awards to show for it. But it must have been the stressful Hollywood life that has caused her hair to fall. She must have learned how to manage her stress because her hair has grown back and now she doesn't have to wear wigs anymore. She has even graced the cover of InStyle magazine with her natural hair. 

Jimi Mistry

Like the other celebrities on this list, Jimi Misty got alopecia because of stress. The East is East actress developed bald spots on her head during a particularly stressful time in her life. She also suffers from agoraphobia, which is characterized by having an intense fear of open spaces. It didn't help that she received international attention from her performance in the popular soap opera Eastenders. She also had marital and family problems. A person can only take so much, right? But now that the stressful episode in her life is over, her hair has grown back as well.

Ella Shaw

Ella Shaw developed alopecia when she was just ten years old. Her case is proof that even children can lose their hair. The singer/songwriter was in her last year of primary school when she started having bald spots on her head. Her condition never became a deterrent for Ella to chase her dreams. In fact, she used her condition to boost her confidence. And now she used her popularity and influence to create awareness about alopecia. She even held a concert to raise funds for Alopecia UK. Anyone suffering from alopecia should follow Ella and listen to her inspiring message.

The stories of celebrities with alopecia adobe prove that people can recover from alopecia. And since stress is one of the main causes of alopecia, then reducing stress can help anyone suffering from hair loss.


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