Steps You Don't Want to Miss While Wearing A New Men's Lace Toupee

February 17, 2020 Lace Hair Pieces 101 Views: 1657

If you don’t have much experience with wearing a lace toupee, make sure you read this blog. Otherwise, you may find it testing to make it work.

When you receive your brand-new lace hair system, you will want to try it on as soon as possible. However, you may find that the tapes just won’t stick to the lace base no matter how many times you try. If this happens to you it can be truly frustrating. Why exactly is this happening? This is because there is a layer of special conditioner, also known as silicone residue, that is applied onto the lace base when the hair system is made in the factory. The silicone helps the hair to feel soft and sheen but adhesive struggles to stick to it.

lace toupee

Which steps do I take before I apply a new lace hair system?

  1.     Wash the lace base

Before applying the lace toupee, wash the base with a diluted dishwashing liquid and water mixture. Make sure the dishwashing liquid doesn’t contain hand lotion of any kind, and get it rinsed thoroughly. This should remove any trace of the silicone residue.

  1.     Dry the hair and the lace base

Let the hair and lace base completely dry. Here we offer a special drying tool and you can place the toupee with the lace base on the tool head. Use a blow-dryer in the mouth and let the air flow through the base and the hair. In this way, the air flow is mild and won’t cause any damage to the hair, as well as drying it quickly.

       3.     Apply acetone onto the place you will apply the tapes

Use a paper towel to gently apply a very small amount of acetone onto the perimeter of the lace base that you are going to apply tapes on. This will help the tape stick to the base and extend the bonding time. Be sure to choose a reliable brand of the adhesive tape to ensure that your scalp will not be irritated or itched after use. 


These steps should help you to bond your brand-new lace toupee successfully with a longer bonding time.

However, what issues you will come across if you miss these steps? Well, the tapes won't stick to the base and you always experience lifting edges and this is the least you want to have with a hair system. If you are new to this, you might even give it up because the fact that the hair system keeps lifting on you could be really annoying. So for beginners, we would recommend you choose a full skin base instead. It stays on the head firmly and holds stronger and easier to play with. 

lace hair toupee

Jadson in above picture wears our Simois lace front toupee. The natural looking front hairline speaks for itself. If you are looking for a natural looking and breathable hair system, then it is your best choice.

If you have any other questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at and our experts will be happy to help you.


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