Rand Paul and his wig saga

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If you are into politics, and especially US politics you would know about the senator named “Rand Paul”. He is an American physician and politician who is serving as a junior in a specific field. He has been working as a junior secretary in the United States in Kentucky.

Rand Paul was a famous senator and becomes a fashionista also. Due to this reason, he remains in the spotlight of the media and people closely follow him. Some rumors came across during his peak days that he wears a wig that most senators start to wear in their elderly age.

In this article, we will let you know some interesting things about Rand Paul and will let you about his wig story.

Rand Paul

He was born in 1963 on the 7th of January. He is the son of Ron Paul. His father was three times a candidate for presidential elections in the United States and also a twelve-term US representative of Texas. He has a political family background, and he chose politics as his career as well. Although he is a physician alongside it too. He was interested in politics as a kid because his family was from a political background. He used to read articles in magazines about current affairs.

Furthermore, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, brought up in lake Jackson, Texas with his other four siblings, and went to the university named Duke University of the school of medicine. He practiced ophthalmology for quite a while in 1993. He got his first job in bowling green. Not only that, but he withdrew from the American Board of ophthalmology and declared himself as self-certified by the national board of ophthalmology in the year 2003. He continued his work in the specific field and established a private clinic. He became able to establish his clinic by the year 2007. Then he switched to politics by running for a seat in the United States Senate. In 2016, he was re-elected as a senate, and he is looking forward to his third term in January 2022.

He is a republican and was nominated for a Republican nomination in the 2016 US presidential elections. He has been nominated for several committees in the senate for example energy and education also for health, labor, and pensions. Likewise, he called himself a constitutional conservative. First, he was against Donald Trump for the presidential election, but then he was in support of him. He supported trump during and after his presidency and if I add, he was one of the top supporters of trump in the senate, it would not be incorrect.

He married his heartthrob, Kelley Ashby. The happily married couple is blessed with five children. He met him during his days at Duke University. His wife is a writer, and she wrote cookbooks, and she always supported his husband through thick and thins.

November assault

Rand Paul was assaulted by a neighbor Ren Boucher who was a retired anesthesiologist. Rand Paul is deaf of one ear and used to wear noise-canceling headphones as he was mowing his lawn which benefited Boucher to attack him without rand noticing it at all. He got injured because of this. He got his ribs broken and spend many days recovering from all the injuries, also had to go through lungs' removal as they were severely injured. Paul said that this attack was political revenge as Boucher was an open hater of trump.

Did Rand Paul wear a toupee?

Rand Paul is not only a physician but also has been a secretary in the senate United Nations that is not the only thing he is quite famous for. He is also very well known for his hair. His hairstyles and the fact that he cut his hair made to the news for a long time and many hairdressers commented on it. Does he wear a toupee? Well, that is not quite proved yet people say that in a few pictures his hairs were a little off, but then he has also mentioned a few times that he cut his hair himself. It can be a possible reason that his hair is looking off. He got curly hair. Many politicians lost their hair and used toupee which is also known as a wig to cover the bald patches on their scalp. Toupee or wig comes in different sizes and patterns according to the hairline of the client. Toupee or hairpiece is customized for the clients to fit their hair type the best, but even then some hairpieces look very odd, or I might add funny. There are different materials to make a hairpiece mostly polyurethane material is used for a toupee. Other senators wore a toupee, Rand Paul could be one of them.

In an interview with CNN politics, his wife talked about Rand Paul’s fondness for turtle-necks and how she gets them prepared for him, although they are not the easiest task in the world as turtle-necks are not very famous in those days. He has been mocked quite a lot of time for his turtle-necks. Rand Paul is also into men’s fashion and supports it. In his interviews, he has mentioned how fashion is not only a female thing but men can also do it and should do it nonetheless. But if he talks about how he cuts his hair many hairdressers oppose it and the fact that it was rumored and then questioned that if he also wears a hairpiece which is not confirmed but still it goes by hearing and there and made to the topic of discussions.


Rand Paul is a physician he was graduated from Duke University of the school of medicine. He practiced in ophthalmology for years and then finally established himself a private clinic for the practice. His family was into politics which can make it a bit obvious why he developed an interest in politics after all.

He is a republican and was elected as senate by republicans in the United States presidential elections 2016. He was used to being opposed to trump but then supported Trump during and after his presidential term. He also was assaulted once, and he stated that this was because he was he supported trump. His hairs are quite in talks for looking odd in a few pictures where people suspected that he might wear a toupee or hairpiece which is not confirmed as he mentioned that he does cut his hair which can make them look odd as these were not being cut by a professional.


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