Proper Blow-Drying for Hair Systems: Easy Tips

February 23, 2024 What Our Customers Say Views: 365

Today we’re going to be talking about blow-drying mistakes that will ruin your hair. I’m doing this today because a lot of people get in touch with me and they’re like, ”I’m a month in, I’m two months in with a new system, and my hair is so brittle and dry.” And I ask them, ”What’s your maintenance routine like? How often do you shampoo? How often do you blow-dry your hair? What heat do you do it at?” And they’re saying, ”I’m blow-drying it every day, I’ve got on maximum heat.” And that’s the problem, that’s what’s making the hair go super brittle and super dry. So we need to make sure that we’re avoiding these kinds of things.


Hair dryers, now it’s a really important transition from when you go from basically having a normal head of hair or treating your hair like it’s normal hair, and then moving from that to a hair system. It’s literally like night and day. But obviously when you’re doing that, you don’t really think about that. I mean, I certainly didn’t, you know, when I first got my system, my first-ever system, I was literally shampooing every day and I was hair drying every day. And within about three weeks to a month, it was brittle, it was dry, it had oxidized, which meant that it had brassy tones, it completely changed color from its original color. And I had to learn fast. But luckily, after five years of experience, I’m here to help you guys not make the same mistakes as me.

So, hair drying, limit it. It’s useful, it’s very good at giving you your hair system body, but try and limit it. You don’t need to use it every day, I wouldn’t even say you need to use it twice a week. I tend to use it once a week and I don’t use it on full heat. Now, a good way to look at it is this. So, with normal healthy hair, it grows from our scalp and it’s nourished by the oils that are present in our skin. With a hair system, it’s not hair that’s coming out of your scalp, it’s not alive, it’s not nourished by anything, it’s effectively dead hair. So, it’s not being ongoingly nourished by various oils, which makes it way more prone to drying out compared to normal healthy hair. So, when you’re using a hair dryer, you need to be really mindful of that. Doesn’t mean you can’t use one, but there’s a couple of tips I’m going to show you guys which will make sure that your system doesn’t dry out and you can still get the body that comes using a hair dryer.


So, number one, you want to make sure that you use the cold setting. Now, pretty much every single hair dryer I’ve ever come across has a cold function. It’s usually towards the top, and I defy any man who is able to find a hair dryer that doesn’t have this because I’ve never seen one before. You want to make sure it’s usually one of those ones that you have to hold down. You want to make sure that’s on because that means that it doesn’t heat the hair and the hair system up, and it doesn’t dry out. So, when you turn it on, make sure that you got the cold option on, and you can go as hard as you like. I usually go full power on it like that. It works, it’s really effective. That is a solid option to use, but let’s ratchet up a level.

There’s a thing called a diffuser. How very descriptive, Adam, an item, an item which you can connect to your hair dryer, and it’s called a diffuser. Now, these are super cheap, these are about, I think I got this for £15, that’s about $20 US, it’s really not much, and I’ve had it for about two years. It adds, it becomes an extension basically, it becomes an extension of a hair dryer, and it adds distance between your hair and the hair dryer, but it also diffuses the air coming out of the hair dryer so it’s more evenly dispersed across your scalp and across your hair so it’s not as intense, it’s cooler, and it’s more evenly dispersed.

So, I use this about twice a week because I don’t shampoo about at the moment, probably about once every two weeks, sometimes it’s once a week, it’s usually once every two weeks, but I usually just wet my hair twice a week, I get in the shower, do my thing, and then I let my hair get soaked by the water. When I come out, that’s when this comes in super handy, these two things. So, having your hair dry and cold, and also investing in a diffuser, two of the best things I’ve ever done. It doesn’t heat up the system, it doesn’t oxidize it, it doesn’t dry out, it gives it body as well, and it ensures that your system lasts longer. It’s all about the little things, guys, it’s the things that you pick up along the way which I’ve been doing for the last five years that in real terms actually keeps the system looking better for longer, but it also reduces the risk of it becoming brassy or dry or brittle.

100% one of the best investments I’ve ever made since having a toupee. Guys, talk to me, do you have a diffuser yourself? Have you even heard of a diffuser? Have you seen it used on a hair system? What are your hair drying techniques or what are your blow-drying techniques? How often do you blow-dry your hair? Have you found that if you do it more than twice a week and you have the heat on hot, your system dries out and becomes brittle way quicker than you thought it would be? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll speak to you very soon. Bye for now.


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