What's the Professional Hair Loss Treatment Edmonton?

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How does professional hair loss treatment Edmonton research come out? Recently, a Canadian cell regeneration medical company devoted itself to the research and development of autologous cell therapy. Patients are both donors and recipients.

This therapy can not only treat alopecia but also treat various conditions caused by insufficient healthy cells, including skin aging and tendon degeneration.

This news is undoubtedly good news for tens of millions of people suffering from these conditions, especially in our hair loss industry.

What is the principle of autologous cell therapy? The company called its product RCH-01, which uses cell replication and implantation technology, and is said to be able to repair damaged and degenerated hair follicles in bald scalp.

According to the CEO of the company, this technology only needs to extract 20 healthy hair follicles. Specific cells will be extracted from hair follicles and then cultured with the help of the company's cell replication technology. The artificially cultured cells are injected into the bald area of the patient, which will hopefully repair the damaged hair follicles and make new hair grow.

The core of this technology is that all tissues are collected from head to back. By extracting hair growth or collagen-producing cells, and using them for cell regeneration or tendon and skin tissue regeneration.

The scientific basis of this technology comes from the research conducted by two European hair biology and skin experts, Dr. Kevin McElwee and Dr. Rolf Hoffmann, in the early 2000s, who discovered the key cells related to hair follicle growth. This technology is similar to cloning hair follicles.

This technology has only been tested in Japan since 2016, and it is still in the research and testing stage. Regenerative medicine can be said to be a subversive field of medicine.

In theory, it is possible to completely repair damaged tissues and organs, bringing hope and solutions to those who cannot be treated by the existing technology. Innovative technology is being tested, but hair loss can't wait.

But if you understand the reasons for hair loss and pay attention to prevention, I think there is still hope when the hair loss treatment Edmonton matures.

Everyone living in Canada knows that the weather in Canada is mostly dry, especially in Edmonton, where indoor heating is open in winter, so how dry it is everyone must have a deep understanding!

As soon as the weather is dry, the skin will easily lack water and even peel off. Moreover, it stimulates hair follicles to a certain extent, especially damages hair quality, and easily makes hair brittle.

Although Canada's winter is a bit long, it is bright and abundant when it is sunny. However, the sun contains ultraviolet rays as a big killer! Strong ultraviolet rays will harm hair and scalp, which will not only make hair brittle, but also easily lose hair, and even lose hair follicles on the scalp, and never grow hair again!

Instead of walking in the sun with sparse hair on your scalp, it is better to wear a hat and spray some sunscreen hair care products alive.

Whenever a domestic friend asks, "I heard that your tap water in Canada can be drunk directly," you don't understand the pain of crazy hair loss, my dude!

"As a lot of hair dropping off. Hair from the shower can block the drain. The place where you often blow your hair is a layer of hair. . . Ah. "

"Well, it's because of water? When I first came to Canada seven years ago, I think it is because of the water. I lost my hair----My roommate asked me, what's wrong with you? Did you get chemotherapy? "

Since coming to Edmonton, I haven't heard the barber say that sentence: Sir, do you need to make your hair thinner?

Some suggestions on hair loss treatment Edmonton.

1. Pay attention to diet, and don't take too much salt, sugar and oil.

2. Don't stay up late, especially from 11: 00 to 3: 00. Get enough sleep is a necessary step to have good hair.

3. Massage the scalp, comb your hair frequently, and stimulate the whole scalp back and forth with finger pressure on your head.

4. Wash your hair correctly! Just keep the frequency of washing your hair 2-3 times a week, and don't use highly alkaline shampoo. When washing your hair, you can add a little white vinegar to the water to neutralize the acid and alkali.

5. Add more protein and eat! Don't just rely on the hair care products containing various proteins on the market, your hair is almost dead, and those things can't be absorbed!


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