What You Can Find from Men Hairpieces Companies?

May 13, 2021

How do men hairpieces companies sell their products? I bet you do not care. Probably, the key points about these companies you are caring about are what products and how much they sell with hairpieces. 

Hair replacement system—-Toupees

Men’s toupees made of real hair are currently made of Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and European hair, which are the most widely used in the market.

Chinese hair: Chinese hair is the most commonly used raw material for making hairpieces. It has a large population and a hard texture. After acid treatment, it can be bleached, dyed, and decorated again. They are more popular in America and Europe.

Indian hair: Indian hair is softer, straighter than Chinese hair, with wavy curls. It is easy to break after chemical treatment, and its plasticity is not strong.

European hair: European hair color is closer to the local consumer market and is the most expensive raw material at present. European hair is soft, not suitable for bleaching and post-treatment, but more directly used for hair reception.

Toupees that use clips to fix their hair are the easiest to put on and off.

On the negative side, they may cause traction alopecia due to the constant tension applied to the existing hair of the haircut.

Adhesive tape is easy to use, but it will leave sticky residue on the hair that needs cleaning and may cause premature aging of the equipment.

There is also a method of temporarily (temporarily) bonding the system to the scalp using an adhesive, which is usually applied to a polymer (plastic type).

Sometimes, these systems are called “non-surgical hair implantation” because hair is embedded in plastic.

Men hairpieces companies’ hairstyle: Knittings

Hair knitting is another method by which the basic fabric of a wig is knitted onto the existing hair of a customer.

This provides good stability for the wearer. However, with the “adhesive” system, as the remaining hairs’ grow, they become loose.

Then, the customer must return to the store for doing maintenance. This retightening or re-bonding must be done about once a month, usually, you need to pay for it.

Incidentally, many hair restoration surgeons believe that wearing hairpieces for a long time may accelerate the process of hair loss through various mechanisms.

Hair replacement systems VS Hair transplantation: PRICE

Because of the high cost, many men choose to use hairpieces instead of surgery.

However, when we calculate the service life of hairpieces (they do wear out! ), it is necessary to have two or more hairpieces available for regular maintenance, and for many systems, the monthly maintenance and/or retightening cost will range from $100 to more than $500, and the costs will add up time by time.

On the other hand, hair transplantation can permanently grow natural hair from the patient’s head, and may only need one operation in his life.

Some men have a high degree of baldness and “donor’s” hair is very limited, so choosing hairpieces is a good choice.

Only consulting a doctor who specializes in hair restoration can help bald patients make truly well-educated decisions.

Judging from all products above, we could see that, men hairpieces companies have a large space to extend their business. They have more and more customers year by year with the number increasing of hair loss and alopecia.

Hair defects have a serious impact on people’s external image, which lowers the actual age and face value in terms of age and beauty. Hair loss and white hair can be solved using hair transplantation and dyeing, but it is not suitable for all consumers.

For this reason, consumers who are unwilling to take hair transplant and dyeing measures, cover up hair loss and white hair by buying wigs. People with alopecia and white hair are large in number and tend to be younger, which will help to drive the growth of the hairpieces products industry.

To sum up, men hairpieces companies will enhance the qualities of their products and sell models, you can buy them any time you want. The potential demand for hairpiece products is huge.

With the development of the “face looking economy” and consumption upgrading, hairpieces products manufacturers will continue to strengthen the guidance of hairpiece knowledge and fashion trends, and drive consumers to reshape their cognition of wig products.

In the future, hairpiece manufacturers will accelerate the layout of offline stores, continuously extend the coverage of hairpieces stores, and promote the expansion of consumer groups.