One Month Review of LaVivid Custom Made Hair System

September 08, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 1894

It has been over a full month since I have put the LaVivid Custom Made hair system on my head. I'm going to be doing a one-month synopsis of this fully custom hair system from LaVivid that they had the courtesy of sending me. 

This is a fully customized hair system from LaVivid. When I approached them, I told them I wanted a couple key things. First I wanted this hair system to look very believable. I wanted it to be .02 or .03 millimeter poly thin skin all around. Next step for me was really making sure that we got the density right for me. It seems like 90 to 95 percent is the go-to for my density, my age and the look that I'm going for. Next up was color. As you guys may or may not know hair systems do tend to bleach out and turn to a lighter color as they age with exposure to the sun, exposure to shampoos things like this. So I wanted to try changing it up and I wanted to give it some highlights to the hair system to create a little bit more of a differentiation in between the colors that way it looks like my hair has some natural high and low lights. I thought that this would maybe give me a little bit more imperceptibility with the blend between my natural hair and the hair systems. Next up I decided I wanted a little bit curlier hair system than what i had gotten custom from them before. So instead of something like their stock rod, I decided to make it a little bit tighter and go in the low 20s so what that ultimately does is if you think about hair from a scale of completely straight to very curly or even more afro textured this can be dictated by the rod size around which the hair is wrapped and essentially kind of like chemically permed.

This is perhaps the best hair system, the best haircut and the best hair that I've ever had. All the factors that we've added in together in this particular hair system has potentially made it one of the best for me. When it comes to realism, some people say that super fine swiss lace is better. In my opinion, I really enjoy the ease of use and the believability of having a super thin skin poly unit. I don't think it gets much better than that when it comes to realism for your front hairline. 

One of the biggest differences with this hair system though is actually the fact that we added in some highlights to give some color differentiation throughout the unit. This really adds a layer of dimension to the hair and what I've noticed is that as I continue to wear it and there's a slight shift in the color that these highlights tend to mask and really make it look a little bit more real almost like almost looking like those differentiations in color are intentional as opposed to unintentional as opposed to why is the top of this person's head just a different color when you have these highlights things can be interpreted as high and low lights and it creates a little bit more of an illusion I personally find. 

Now my girlfriend herself has said that this is the best hair system that I've ever worn. It’s the best style I've ever worn. She says that she often forgets that I'm wearing a hair system. She just can't believe it. She's known me for the past many years before I was wearing hair systems and after and she's seen this whole journey. How it's looked how it's felt so when she says this is the best that's ever looked and she says that completely unprovoked. 

What I will add on top of this is that the haircut that I’ve got with this was probably the best that I've ever received from an individual. Their ability to manage the hair system to cut it in but also provide an extremely good fade and it really changed my mind about what's possible with a hair system. I've been going conservative with my haircuts meaning that I have not been going for as fashionable as tight of a fade because I didn't think that it was going to be possible to mask the hair system and blend that line in between but I've been proven otherwise I think it looks fantastic.

Now I want to talk about the quality of the hair and how it's holding up over the past month. So over the past two-ish years, I've worn every single hair system from two to three and a half to four months and over that period of time most often what happens is that the hair goes from being extremely soft and having a lot of bounce maybe too much bounce to being kind of brittle very dry feeling and also being lifeless not having any bounce just kind of feeling like straw if you will now a month in what I'm starting to notice about this hair is that it's holding up so good. Now part of that is the hair that LaVivid is using I believe but part of it is what I've been doing to make my hair systems last longer. I've been experimenting over the past year with different treatments, different mixes of processes, if you will and even adding in some products that are traditionally not used for hair to see if it can make it last longer. I think I've kind of hit the gold mine as far as what that process is and what those products are and the most secret one of all is kind of unbelievable.

It's kind of one of those things that you'd be like well that's really strange that's kind of awkward and I never would have thought that but the weird thing is it works and I'd be happy to share that with you guys and maybe even build a product out of it in the future because it's something that it's actually changed the game for me and my hair systems. This hair is feeling great. Now one of the big things I've been doing is conditioning it pretty much every other day. I'll jump in the shower and I'll condition it. I will let it sit there for about five minutes and I am no longer using a hair blower. I've just stopped doing that what I've noticed is that this is leaving my hair with a much more natural bounce and look. 

I feel like I'm really locking in how to Take care of hair systems ow to manage them how to use them make them last longer and how to style them and it's taken years to do this. So the message here is if you're just getting started if you're a little bit frustrated you know keep on going it's something that you can learn. Look when I started doing it myself you'll see that there was a dramatic break in the quality and also what I had available for hair systems only higher density hair systems that weren't right for me and I didn't know how to manage them I didn't know how to maintain them and now I'm getting to a point where it's becoming incredibly easy and I'm very effective at managing them still learning every single day and I'm by no means an absolute expert here but I'm sharing the journey with you.


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