Do You Need An Idea for This Year’s Father’s Day Gift?

March 27, 2024 Blog Views: 1493

A cup with loving dad printed on it? No, no, no. A T-shirt? Not a surprise at all. A Tie? Such an old-fashioned idea. You need to be a bit creative this year. How about a hair system? Will he be surprised?


Starting from June 14th to June 20th, you can get 20% off with a surprise gift ordering a hair system on LaVivid’s website 

The below 6 products are included in this Father’s day sale! 

Eros 0.03mm Ultra-thin skin Hair System

Eros has micro-thin skin all over the base. The thickness of the base only measures 0.02-0.03 mm. It creates a super comfortable skintight feel on the head and you wouldn't notice it while wearing it. The hair is v-looped throughout and the knots are totally invisible.

Mirage Hair Toupee for Men

Mirage is made of poly paper all over. The cap base offers you a transparent and super thin skin feel that will blend in with your own skin seamlessly. V-looping ventilation method is used in the front 1/8'' of the cap base which creates the most realistic front hairline. Micro-knots are used for the rest of the base, simulating natural hair growth just like your own hair. Mirage yields the most secure fit and you don't have to worry about it coming loose or slipping off. The hairline of Mirage is CC shape. 

Helios Hair Replacement System


Helios has a base made entirely of transparent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability. The swiss lace is soft and will offer you the most natural-looking front hairline. Each hair is hand-tied onto the lace base, creating natural hair movement. Made from Indian Remy Human hair, which is in super fine quality and soft yet strong, it ensures you a 4-6 months replacement period. All the knots in the front hairline are perfectly bleached and the hair looks just like it is growing out from your scalp. Helios has a breathable base, that can even be worn in hot weather or during exercise. 

Coeus Hair System for Men

Coeus skin hair system has poly thin skin all over the base. The base thickness is 0.08mm -0.10mm. It offers you a second-skin feel as well as a secure fit. Coeus is easy for you to apply and remove.

Ares Hair Replacement System

As a lace hair system, Ares has french lace in the front and large 2" skin in the back, with 1/4" skin sides allowing for easy perimeter cutting and bonding. With the skin structure around the cap base, it allows you to apply and remove easily. The stitching lines in the lace area and the skin structure makes this hair piece durable.

The knots in the front hairline are bleached.


Oceanus hair unit for men

The base size of the Oceanus skin hair system is 8''x10'' and it has PU skin in the back and 1" of French lace in the front. The French lace in the front has had the knots bleached, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing straight from your scalp. The Skin PU in the back makes the hair piece durable and easy to apply and remove. Oceanus offers you the best of both worlds. 


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