Try And Get A Men’s Full Cap Wig Customized with LaVivid Hair

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There are thinning hair people who want to wear a hair system but don’t want to shave their own hair, people who are totally bald but want to have hair again, people who are going through alopecia or spot hair loss and want to cover that. In these cases, a full cap wig is a good choice for you. 

Lead Time for A Full Cap Wig

A full cap wig requires around 3 months to finish. It is a big project, so it requires a much longer time to finish than a partial wig or a hair system. 

Fully Customized Men’s Wig 

When we make the full cap wig, your head mold or template is a must for production. A template is extremely important for making a full cap wig fit your head and because the wig base needs to match your scalp curvature perfectly. You will feel super comfortable with a well-made wig and you won’t even feel it on the head. 

With a custom-made full cap wig, you also can customize the hair color, hair length, hair density, have wave or curl, base construction, etc. Also, a wig is quoted based on the customizations you choose for your wig. After all the details are provided, we can provide a price within 24 hours. 

Bonding Method for A Full Cap Wig 

Wearing a full cap wig is a lot easier than a partial hair system. Take the below base, for example, you can apply tape to the skin perimeters (marked as PU in the below picture). Then for the hairline, you can use both tape and glue. For a well-matched full cap wig, it can stay on the head very firmly even you don’t use any tape or glue. 

Compared to a hair system, a full cap wig requires much less adhesive bonding and much less time on maintenance.


Production Time for Custom orders

The production time for a full cap wig is around 3 months. However, it will be much quicker for customizing a partial wig which is also called a hair system. For customizing a standard 8’’x10’’ hair system, it only takes around 4-6 weeks to finish. 

Email if you want to go with a full cap wig and we’d like to walk you through the whole process. 


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