Male Pattern Hair Loss and How Hair Systems Help with It

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A commonly known cause of shedding or thinning hair is called male hair pattern balding. Most men suffer from this condition with growing age. This condition is usually transferred genetically or due to an imbalance of a hormone called androgen. This condition is also known as androgenetic alopecia.

The usual male pattern balding symptoms are a receding hairline or a balding spot at the top of your head. Symptoms might also include noticeable thinning in density or excessive shedding of the hair. Pattern hair loss is generally more severe in men rather than women,

What Causes Pattern Balding?

Androgenic alopecia is a condition that is usually inherited in the genes. It is caused due to the sensitivity to specific testosterone in the DNA. DHT, abbreviated for dihydrotestosterone, has adverse effects on the scalp and hair follicles. It is known to slow down the hair growth cycle and affect the hair cycle so much that the hair life cycle reduces to just a few months from the usual 3 to 6 years. 

When it comes to the severity of genes, there are a lot of factors involved such as age, intensity, lifestyles, etc.; according to research, the severity of the condition is more affected by the maternal family.

Men who suffer from male hair patterns usually have a higher amount of the hormone 'androgens. This hormone also sometimes causes acne or other problems.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss is not always due to the male pattern. There could always be countless other reasons that could cause your hair to fall, so it's always good to get it checked by a doctor. Some of the reason that could cause unnatural hair loss are 

· Thyroid conditions

· Anemia

· Chemotherapy

· Medications such as blood thinners, vitamins, or steroids

· Allergies

· Excessive stress

Treatment for Pattern Baldness

Hair pattern baldness cannot be cured or prevented. It can only be slowed down. Due to the harmless nature, there is no necessary need to treat it. However, if you are not comfortable with its effects on your appearance, you can use accessories such as hair systems, wigs, or toupees. These are generally custom made especially for alopecia patients and a lot less costly than medical treatments. 

Hairpieces for Men Suffering from Baldness

Hair wigs and systems are now the fastest growing trend in accessories. Modern-day hair systems are unnoticeable and easy to use. The bald spots or the receding hairlines can now easily be covered in a few simple steps. There is a vast collection of hairpieces available both online and in shops. Businesses usually let you consult a hair specialist who then helps you with all the details and steps about using a hair wig.

Male hairpieces come in various forms, from individual weaves to nets and adhesives. There are hair patches for bald spots to fully dense wigs. The options are countless when it comes to styling your hair.


These hair wigs are designed specially to deal with balding spots or other hair conditions, along with providing you with style and good looks. Deciding to start wearing a toupee is a big decision, and we can help you make it by mentioning some of the advantages of using a wig to cover that bald spot.

No Surgery or Invasive Procedure

The most mentionable benefit of using a toupee is the lack of invasive treatments. There are no surgical procedures or sharp tools involved. No adverse effects or chances of failure. You get to hide your baldness without going through any pain, medication, or time.

No Danger of Contamination or Reactions

Some hair systems use adhesive, but there are other options available. Even with the adhesive hairpieces, they are skin-friendly and free of any chemicals that might react to sensitive skin. They are tested and verified and won't cause any harm to the existing hair or your scalp.

Immediate Outcome

This is another reason that most people prefer a wig over other treatments. There are no chances for a failed medical procedure or financial issues. With medical procedures, even in the case of success, they take quite a while to work or show progress. They are also quite costly and not covered in medical insurance.


Much like your natural hair, your wigs need regular maintenance, or else they'll be ruined. In the case of proper care and treatment, hair wigs are long term investments that can go on for 6 months to a year. Hair wigs come in both natural hair and synthetic fiber. The synthetic hair comes with its product and cannot be treated with heat tools. On the other hand, natural hair wigs are heat and product resistant and can easily be styled.

There are a lot more pros for hair wigs when it comes to hiding male pattern baldness. Whether you have a growing bald spot at the top of your head or thinning sides, a nice hairpiece can easily blend into your hair and make you look a lot younger, and give your hair a healthy look. You can consult a hair specialist that will help you get your customized hairpiece that fits your head shape and hair type. Lavivid is the best place for you if you want a trustworthy place to help you along your journey! and Lavivid is the best place for you if you want a trustworthy place to help you along your journey!


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