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The silver hair men trend has stormed into the fashion world and it is sported by everyone no matter of the age group. Mature men don’t shy away from harnessing their graying locks anymore while youngsters deliberately dyeing their hair in gray shades. If your own hair cannot achieve the look you want, you can always achieve the same look with a men’s wig.

What’s the difference between a full cap wig and a hair system?

A full cap wig covers the whole head including top, sides, back, temples, sideburns and all the areas where there are supposed to have hair. While a hair system only covers part of the scalp mainly the top. 

Who might need a full cap wig?

A men’s wig is for people who is completely bald or is going through Alopecia areata, Cicatricial Alopecia, Hypotrichosis or you have circular or patchy bald spots on the scalp and you will find it is hard to use a standard 8’’x10’’ hair system to cover the bald area.

What makes Jayden special?

High-end design: This men’s gray wig is designed by a well-known wig designer who has over 30 years of experience in wigs and hair systems. 

Flexible Hair Material: Jayden uses 70% synthetic hair blended with 30% real human hair. With this wig we can also use all human hair to meet our clients’ needs. Human hair is the most expensive option, while synthetic hair can be more economical. The price for using 70% synthetic hair blended with 30% real human hair is $428. A rough price for Jayden with 100% human hair is $543. 

Unique base structure: There are more than 6 different kinds of base materials used in our wig construction. Lace front gives you the most natural looking hairline, Mono top allows you to part the hair freely while giving you a realistic part, the weft back makes it very breathable, and the elastic sewn in throughout gives you a custom-like fit. 

Anti-slip silicone-lined ear tabs and bendable wire offer a much more secure fit while also saving you from using adhesives. 

Sidenote: Because this base is machine wefted in the back, you cannot have a low fade haircut with this wig. The hair in the back has to be at least 1.5’’-2’’ long, so it can cover the weft perfectly.

Different colors:

This wig can be done in any color you want. No matter if it is black, brown, blonde, highlighted, low-lighted, or rooted. This wig can also be done in even more complicated colors. 

How to determine my wig size?

Please follow the chart below to measure your head size to see which category you fall into.

Custom Made:

Please kindly note that all full cap wigs are custom made. So you can let us know the hair color, size, density, length, curl pattern, etc and we will provide a quote accordingly. Our contact is

Here is a chart showing you how to do a detailed measurement for placing an order for a full cap wig. 


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