We recently have received a lot of requests from people who want to wear a hair system but cannot find a hair system hairstylist or salon in their area to ask us recommend our partner salons to them. However, the partner salons we recommended either are too far away from them or we don’t have one in that area. What should we do? Give up? No, this cannot stop us from looking beautiful.

At LaVivid, we offer a pre-style service that our specialist in our factory end can cut the base to your size and cut the hair to the hairstyle you want. Our specialist who do this pre-style service for you has 23 years of experience in hair cutting and 10 years in hair system cutting, so he is really professional and you no need to worry about the final result at all.

Another advantage to mention is that this pre-style service only cost $40.

lavivid prestyled toupee

Check the above two pictures. The one on the left is how it looks like out of box and the one on the right is after the base and hair is cut.

Below pictures you can see how the hairstyle looks like:

ready to wear hair system

Want to see how it looks in person? Check this out:

hair system before and after

Quoted from Angel ‘This is the BEST one I’ve EVER HAD!!! Thank you so much!!! The system fits me just PERFECTLY!!!’ Angel’s reviewing video is coming and you guys can see more details about this pre-styled hair system.

Do you want to try our pre-style service? Contact us now through support@lavividhair.com.