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Hair cutting systems for men are things to which people feel familiar but with few to tell their names. Apart from scissors, the most common tool used in daily lives as well, other cutting devices only leave vague images of them without specific names in people’s minds. So, to satisfy those who are curious about them, here comes a framework of hair cutting systems. 

Now that scissors are mentioned already, let us not jump to others, but keep focusing on this little while flexible device first.

Unlike the household ones, scissors in hair cutting systems are equipped with a tiny bar on the lower right for the fourth finger. And there are two sorts of them, one is basically the same as household scissors, and the other is a pair of scissors with a serrated blade on one side.

The former is used to cut short hair mainly with the horizontal clips working together. After its cut, the lines of hair will be more neatly flat. At this time, the latter can provide modification and decoration. For example, it is often used in cutting a bang. But what needs to be remembered is that it should be used endways. 

Speaking of hair cutting systems for men, undoubtedly, the most frequently used device is the electric hair clipper. Normally speaking, the plug-in type and the rechargeable type are the main products. When it is used, it is powered by electricity. But something with a long line is an obstacle to operations, instead of useful assistance. Hence, people are fond of wireless clippers and the other is relatively dated nowadays.

The electric hair clipper is generally composed of fixed push teeth, movable push teeth, adjusting handle, shell, and electrical components installed in the shell. Much similar to the razor, the electric hair clipper can have its cutter blades changed. And blades of various sizes are designed for diverse hairstyles. However, being cautious is a must during its use due to its sharpness. Otherwise either the hairstyle is ruined or the finger is injured. 

What is more, DIY is more and more prevalent among young people. But unlike professional barbers and experienced elders, they know little about the price of the clipper. For this group, the following tips are helpful.

A whole set of electric hair clippers is priced at 320RMB (about 49USD) as the lowest in the market. For products of higher qualities or great brands, 460RMB (about 70USD) is also seen on the shopping website. And for the alternative components, blades, for example, one is 26RMB (about 4USD) at least. 

But DIY is never an easy job. Many ever tried cut hair with the electric hair clipper on their own ended with a ridiculous failure, and even worse a cut in the finger or head. Thus, always keep in mind the principle that moves the clipper outwards into the air, with a shortcut each time. Also, it is never too troublesome to look for the comments after service for your information. 

Of course, hair cutting systems consist of not only scissors and electric hair clippers. There are many things we see a lot but miss their names. For instance, the large cloth covering the one getting hair cut is called a hair salon cape or hair cutting gown. It is hard to trace the origin of this apron-like cloth. But today, the hair salon cape has evolved from a simple piece of cloth to that of a variety of styles and materials.

People wear hair salon capes in order to prevent the hair from falling inside. And it works in most cases except for one area, the neck. So other tools are in need, such as a square sponge that aims to erase the short little hair sticking on the skin. 

In conclusion, hair cutting systems for men mainly include scissors, electric hair clippers, a hair salon cape, and a square sponge. And electric hair clippers are the most representative and the most unfamiliar to ordinary people among them. To have a general understanding of electric hair clippers in terms of their parts, function, and so on would be of great help for those who want to get a haircut by themselves.


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