The Benefits of Using Mens Hair Piece Tape Double Sided

March 04, 2021 Blog Views: 2032

Mens hair piece tape double sided is one of the ways you can secure your wig in place. The tapes are said to offer a strong bond, yet you have to treat and use them properly to ensure they provide maximum efficiency. Here are some useful tips on using toupee double-sided tapes. 

1. Remove dirt   

The first step to increasing the adherence power of the tape is to make sure it lies on a perfectly clean surface. The adherence gets lower with every piece of dust that sticks to the tape. That's why sacrifice your time to a deep cleanse of your wig and scalp. Remember to treat both application areas, else the tape risks losing efficiency. Whether you use rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning product, make sure the surfaces dry out completely before sticking the tape. 

2. Use a dummy head

When it comes to applying the tape on the inside of the wig, you are better off using a mannequin. If you hold the wig in hand or use a table, you will find it hard to apply the tapes properly. When you display the wig on a dummy, it takes the shape or a human head and gets rid of wrinkles, allowing you to stick the tapes in a perfect line and prevent air bubbles. The mannequin head will also make pressing better. 

3. Press the tape

Don't be afraid to press the tape with vigor at application. This will increase the bond and ensure the wig stays in place for longer. Apply the tape and press it repeatedly with your fingers brought together. You are also recommended to start pressing at the center of the tape then move the fingers to its edges. This will help remove air bubbles in case any has formed. Try to make sure the entire tape area is touching the application surface. The larger the area of contact, the stronger and more durable the bond. 

4. Make sure the tapes overlap

Placing the tapes at a distance from each other for the sake of making some savings is not a good idea. For one, the bond will be weaker which will make the wig unstable in harsh weather or while doing intense activity. Secondly, the base may get wavy and wrinkly in places where it is not secured by tape. This will trigger an unaesthetic look that will make the wearer embarrassed. To prevent ending up in trouble, you are good to apply the tapes in a way that they overlap. 

5. Use scalp protector

Most of the tapes on the market are vulnerable to oil and moisture. Applying a mens hair piece tape double-sided on an oily or sweaty scalp without taking proper precautions is a road to nowhere. The tape will get significantly weaker as soon as it interacts with moisture or oil, causing premature replacement. Luckily, there are two solutions to this situation. You either buy waterproof tapes which are more expensive than traditional ones or apply a scalp protector on the skin before sticking the tape to it. The scalp protector will build a barrier between skin and adhesive, making their contact impossible.    

6. Apply tapes along the head perimeter

Some people consider the application of tapes along the hairline enough for a firm bond. Well, indeed, the wig stays in place and there is no way it can fly off, but you are still better off covering the entire head perimeter with tapes. If you leave the back loose, it can move during strong wind or when you run, providing an awful look from behind. Moreover, since the wig is not sealed, cold air currents will easily pass through, reaching your skin. It will especially make you feel uncomfortable during winter or cold weather. So your best bet is to seal the entire wig along the head to keep your scalp warm and ensure a powerful adherence. 

Bottom line

Mens hair piece tape double sided provides a strong bond that keeps your wig from sliding off. Yet, to uncover the tape's full potential, you have to use it and take care of it properly. Some of your actions that may increase the bond include: cleaning the scalp before application, pressing the tape with vigor, making the tapes overlap, using a mannequin head, and applying a scalp protector.


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