What's the Relationship between the Price and Lifespan of A Hair System?

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Price is the top one factor that people are concerned about when it comes choosing a hair system toupee. We received a lot of consultations from our dearest customers and for 90% of them, the first question they ask is how much is your product. Actually, to choose a suitable hair unit for yourself, you have many other factors that you need to consider besides the price. Also, it is not the truth that the more expensive the hair system is and the longer it will last. In this article, I will explain why.


The price for a hair system depends on several factors including the base material, hair material, techniques to make it and the workforce it requires.


Base Material

When it comes to the base material, there are mainly 4 kinds of materials and they are lace, poly, mono and silk. For these 4 materials, silk base is the most expensive and then lace and then super thin poly and then mono material. Also, for poly base, the thinner the base is, the more expensive it is, however, the less time it will last. Let’s take the 4 poly bases as an example.

skin hair systems

From the left to the right, the prices become lower and the lifespan increases. How does that come? Eros’ base is 0.02mm thick and it requires the most delicate and best technique and is much harder to make. Can you image what a 0.02mm poly base is like? It is ultra thin and super delicate. Also can you image when people tie the hair onto the base, how delicate it can be? To make a system like this, the craftsman has to have at least 10 years experience in this. Well, do all these worth it? The answer is definitely yes.

Eros offers the most realistic hairline ever! The hair looks just like it grows out from your scalp. Eros is $279 and only can last 2-3 months, while at the same time, a lot of people are crushed about this style and some even only wear this single style because it is the most natural one. The disadvantage is it is not as breathable as lace hair systems.

eros hair system

To the right of it, the base for Mirage, Coeus and Achilles is becoming thicker. Thus, it requires lower technique to make and they cost less. Also because the poly is thicker, so it will last longer.


Hair Material

On the hair system market, at least 3 kinds of hair are most used to make men’s hair systems and they are Indian human hair, European human hair and synthetic hair. Obviously, European hair is the most expensive and Indian human hair is mostly used because it is cheaper and can meet most of people’s needs.

european hair system

European hair is unprocessed hair and is also very rare. So it is not available all the time. Thus making it very expensive. Compared to Indian human hair, European hair is super silky and can be bleached and colored with no problem at all.

Above picture is LaVivid Cronus hair system and its price is $399 and it is the most expensive one we have. Also making it expensive is that the hair is 9’’ long and it is longer than other styles. You can wear a bun with this style and this is also why it is so popular even if it is expensive for some people.

Cronus has a poly base of 0.1mm thick, so it is also very strong and durable and it can last you 9-12 months. So for the long run, it can save your money.

Generally speaking, it is not that the higher the price is, the longer a hair system will last. However, if you spend more money on it, a more natural hair system you will get. This is for sure. 

After knowing all this, you might consider more factors when you choose a hair system. If you find it hard, please feel free to contact our experts at support@lavividhair.com.


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