Which One to Choose, Human Hair Or Synthetic Hair?

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When you want to go for a Hair Replacement System as a solution for your baldness, you are making the right choice, but the decision which lies ahead of you is a little bit more complicated than you think, choosing the right hair wig. There are so many different elements to hair systems, making it mandatory for you to know about each one of them to ace the hair wig game.

There are countless ways any two hair wigs can differ from each other, but the most significant difference they can probably have, making the biggest difference, is the hair type of the Hair. Both of the hair types have their pros and are best suited for different kinds of use and preferences, which is why you need to know about them before choosing an option for yourself.

If you are very new to the world of hair replacement systems and hair wigs, you might not even realize the difference both hair types have. In this article, Lavivid Hair will help you walk through the hair types and make it easier for you to choose.

Firstly we would like to know what both of these types are;

Natural Human Hair Wigs, well as the name tells you it is a wig made out of Human Hair. These wigs are manufactured by Hair sold or donated by actual people. Now natural human Hair has subtypes as well. Depending on what look you want and where you are from, you can get a human wig that has Hair precisely like your natural hair to give you the most undetectable look—the subtypes of natural human hair Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, and European strands now, as natural human hair wigs have so many types that it is 100% impossible to detect them unless you disclose the secret yourself.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made from human-made Synthetic Fibers, which are marveled to the extent that they look exactly like your natural hair. These fibers are so versatile that they can be dyed, heat styled, and can go through a lot of chemicals without getting damaged.

So we have established that they both look like real Hair, so what is the purpose of making so many hair types? To decide this, we need to list the advantages of both the hair types to determine which one will suit you best.

Advantages of Natural Human Hair Wigs.

1- Natural Human Hair Wigs allows you to give a look and feel of your Natural Hair. With Natural Human Hair wigs, someone can move their hands over your Hair and contact them, and they still will not be able to detect your Hair wig.

2- Just like you used to style your natural hair, you can style these wigs precisely like that. You will be able to do everything you can do on your natural hair, i.e., Style, perm, dye, etc.

3- If you are someone who enjoys playing with your hair, natural human hair wigs let you do that. You can easily do all kinds of experiments on your human hairpiece like you would with your Natural Hair. Some people even get Human hair wigs to do these playful experiments so that their real Hair does not get damaged.

4- They are more flexible with your lifestyle and so real that they let you completely forget that you have a wig on.

5- People with sensitive skin should go for human hair wigs as they are less prone to causing rashes and irritation; they are more lightweight and natural, making the chances of any itchiness very minimal.

Yes, there are many advantages of using real human hair, but there is this factor to consider as well that as it is natural human hair and does not have natural human scalp oils to protect them, you need to take extra care of them. 

Advantages of Synthetic Hair Wigs.

1- As they are made up of synthetic fibers, they do not require a lot of styling they are pre-styled and stay that way for long durations of time.

2- As they are not real human hair, they require less care, maintenance, and effort. They are very time efficient and are known to be very pocket-friendly compared to natural Human Hair.

3- Although they are made up of human-made fibers, they are still known for mimicking human hair looks and feel.

We have now calculated all our possible advantages of synthetic Hair. The thing about them that makes them stand to a bit lower bar than human hair wigs is that they are not very heat flexible and have a minimal styling option. To touch, the synthetic hair wigs are often detectable and have a very unnatural shine to them, making them look not as good as Natural Human Hair Wigs.

Get your very own High-Quality Hair Wig.

If you want to go for a cheaper and time-friendly option, Synthetic wigs are your best friend, but, As Human Hair offers more natural-looking results which are almost impossible to detect men usually go for human Hair. If you are among that men and are wondering where to get Men’s Human Hair Wigs near me, visit Lavivid Hair website as they feature the best hair replacement stylist on their website pick the one nearest Hair Replacement Stylist and get the best hair wigs from Lavivid Hair and enjoy the life as you want to. Well, if you are unable to find any of their featured professionals near you and you are thinking, now where to get me a top-quality, comfortable and proper Men’s Human Hair Wigs Near me then go to Lavivid Hair’s Website and get your hands on the most exquisite hair wigs of all the hair types online. 


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