Some Tips on How to Wash Your Hair System

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After you have got your hair system completely free of adhesive, then part of the maintenance process is actually making sure your unit is cleaned, it's shampooed and really deep conditioned. If we take our time during maintenance and we do all of this work, we can add longevity. How you take care of your hair systems will determine how long they last. But on top of that, doing this work will make sure that your hair system is tangle-free. It's not matted. It's also free of any adhesive residue and feels silky smooth, like a brand-new unit for months and months to come. If you do not do this work, you will notice that over time your hair system will become less and less attractive, less desirable looking, and feeling. 

So now we're going to actually take a look at how to wash and condition your unit. That being said, some of the other things that we're going to do in this section is we're going to make sure that our unit is clean and clear of any adhesive residue. We're going to make sure that we don't have any adhesive stuck inside of the hair itself, and we're also going to make sure that there are no knots inside of the hair system. Knots can really affect the duration of the hair system life and you have to learn how to take care of them properly or you can pull a lot of air out. 

We don't want to have any tangles in the hair system. So the first step that we're going to use our solvents, and we're going to spray down this hair system. When we sprayed down this hair system, there's a specific reason that we're going to use a solvent. The reason for that is because we are trying to get rid of any of the liquid adhesives in any of the knots. This solvent helps breaks down adhesives and make sure that we can get everything prime to take care of this unit. Now, the tool that we're going to use is a brush like this, it's going to have a fine-tooth to it.


First, we're going to get the hair system a little bit wet and then we begin working out knots in any adhesive that is stuck inside the unit. In order to do this, what we are going to do is to take our hair system and brush and begin at the ends of the unit. Then we are going to start brushing the hair. And this right here is a very important stage, but it's something that we've got to do correctly. Because if we don't do it correctly, we can pull a lot of hair out. So in order to do it correctly, what we do is grabbing halfway up the hair instead of grabbing by the base. And we're doing this because we do not want to put tension on the knots of the hair system. If we do, there's a chance that it could definitely come out and we could lose a lot of hair. 

After the hair is tangle-free, then the next step after we get through this phase is that we are actually going to shampoo our hair. 

So let's move into that. We're going to begin using our shampoo here, and what I'd like to do is I'd like to just kind of drizzle it all over the unit, and now we're going to work it in. But this right here should really take care of getting the unit clean of any last oils, any product, anything that could affect its longevity. Once again, I comb through it. I don't do this every single day. I'm just using shampoo in my hair on a day-to-day basis. I only do this when I am really taking care of the hair system and making sure that we have it nice and maintained. So now am feeling really good. We're going to begin washing out the shampoo and just applying some water to it should really wash it out. 

So now that we have our hair system completely shampooed and taken care of. What we'll do next is condition it. Once again, I'd like to apply liberally onto a hair system and what we'll do is we will massage this into our hair. Be careful to not get this too deep into the roots because this can loosen any knots that our hair system does have. So avoid really getting it down into the base of the hair system. Now let this sit for the next ten minutes, and after about ten minutes, wash out the conditioner of this hair. It comes out of the hair just to make sure that we don't have any traces of knots really just kind of coming out of it. And this is going to make sure that we have such a smooth and silky air system for many months to come. 

All right, so now let's make sure that we have a nice towel that we can apply onto a table or to a chair. We're going to put our hair system in the middle of the towel and we will begin to fold and roll up this towel. What we're doing at this point is drying out the hair system. And we want to dry it out without using heat or without really anything that's detrimental to the hair system. This right here will make sure that we get a very, very dry unit and it'll remove most of the moisture so that we can go on to actually applying to reapply the hair system with tape and adhesive. 


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