3 Ways on Teaching You to Straighten a Wig

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How to straighten a wig is something everyone who loves wearing hair extension would like to know. Hair extensions help achieve so many different looks and thus is a favorite of many. You can curl your wig and achieve a sassy look, but what when you want to opt for the straight hair look again? Then you will obviously need to straighten your extension and how to do so, you may ask. Well, continue reading and discover some simple and helpful methods.

1. How to Straighten Hair Extensions Using Hot Water

Whether you are using synthetic or human wigs, hot water can be used to straighten your wig easily. However, you need to remember that if you are using a human wig and you do not use this method properly, you can ruin your extension. So, if you have no experience at all, it will be best to avoid using this method on human hair extensions.

This method requires you to boil some water, and the amount you need depends on the length of your extension. You must boil the water until bubbles appear on it. Next, place your wig on a tripod or stand and secure it with the help of a pin. Brush the extension well with your comb and ensure there are no tangles at all before you start straightening it.

Now you need to direct the steam generated by the hot water over your wig. The steam must be spread evenly and then let the false hair remain in place for about 10 minutes. Once the hair cools down, you need to brush it with a soft-bristled brush or wide-toothed comb. Keep repeating the process until you get your desired results.

2. How to Straighten a Wig Following the Flat Iron Method

Though this false hair straightening method is ideal for both synthetic and human wig, it must be of high-quality. If it is a low-quality extension, particularly the synthetic wig, then running a flat iron may ruin it.

It is also important to make sure the hair straightener you plan to use for straightening your wig comes with temperature control options. Now, to start, place the extension on any wig stand or a tripod, and use a pin on the top of your wig to secure it well. Detangle using your comb and spray a little heat protectant on the extension from top to bottom. This will keep moisture locked in your extension, and there will be no chances of heat damage.

Plugin your straightening iron, and preheat it after you set it to the lowest temperature. Now, to begin straightening the wig, you need to take a few strands from your false hair’s bottom and begin ironing. Keep repeating this until you have successfully straightened the entire bottom part. You now need to move to the middle part of your extension and straighten it and then move to the top. Once you are done, let it stay that way and do not touch it for at least about 5 minutes.

After the wig has cooled down, you can comb the false hair using a wide-toothed brush. You can then apply some styling spray so that the hair remains straight for long.

3. How to Use the Steam Method to Straighten False Hair

You should use this method only if you own a synthetic wig. For this technique, you will require a handled steamer.

To start with your hair straightening procedure, place the wig on a mannequin head or a stand. You will need to push a pin on the top of the wig to keep it in place throughout. Next, get rid of any tangles using a brush, and make sure to do that gently. While you are brushing your hair, you can plugin the handled steamer to preheat it.

Now, you need to hold the steamer in one hand and with the other hold your extension brush. Take one section of the hair, steam it, leave it, and repeat the process with the other sections. Make sure the steam is never too close to your extension. Also, you should never keep the steamer in the same position for a long time, as this will damage your wig’s fibers.

After you have straightened your false hair completely, you can unplug your steamer and let your extension cool down fully. When it is dry, spray a little conditioner all over it, and you are done.

To Conclude –

Now that you know how to straighten a wig, you will never have to face any problems ever. You can use either of the methods, keeping in mind the kind of extension you are using. Remember, you should never rush through the process as it may only damage your false hair. Be patient, follow the methods exactly as suggested, and you will be completely satisfied with the outcome.


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