The Way to Stop with Home Remedies for Hair Fall for Male

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Hair loss is one of the main ones that all men of a particular age request to face. That is why there are home remedies for hair fall for males. There are all kinds of factors that cause it and, no matter how much the technology and studies, there is no magic formula to make hair grow back once baldness appears, but according to several studies and experts, and as we said before, there are a few things you can do to prevent it, or to slow down the process a bit.

Your hair is alive, it grows every day, and it needs you to take care of it, not only to maintain shine and a healthy appearance but to be robust, resistant, and in good condition. There are many hair problems that everyone is going to face at any time but, when it comes to hair loss, there are home remedies that can be beneficial for hair loss, especially when you don't want to spend a lot of money on procedures and hair transplant. 

How many hairs does he fall out per day? 

Hair is always in a regeneration process. Each hair lives 2 and 6 years and goes through a set of stages. It is estimated that an average person can have at least one hundred thousand hairs, of which they lose between 50 and 150 strands every day. A figure that is not the same and tends to vary since, as we have mentioned, the hair also suffers the ravages of seasonal fall. This is why it is impossible and uncountable to give precisely the amount of hair that is lost every day. 

How to stop with home remedies for hair fall for male? 

There are a series of home remedies that you can quickly get to use in the fight against hair loss without spending a lot of money on products that will give us the same benefits. 

1. Green tea

It is a herbal infusion with many antioxidants that help and promote hair growth and strengthening. You can prepare a cup of green tea, let it cool, and apply it to your hair as a tonic after bathing. This remedy can be used about twice a week. 

2. Almond oil and rosemary oil

These two are also beneficial for your hair. By only applying a few drops of either of these two oils with the help of your hand, giving small massages to the scalp without having to rinse afterward. This massage stimulates hair growth. 

3. Olive oil

You have to apply a few drops to the hair and give a gentle massage for 20 minutes every two days. The results you will get are healthier and shinier hair. 

4. Onion

It is a vegetable that improves blood circulation on the scalp. You can extract the juice from an onion, applying it on the head and letting it act for 30 minutes. Then you wash your hair like you always do with shampoo. This treatment should be repeated twice a week for three months.

5. Beet juice

It is very healthy for hair health, as it contains hydrates, proteins, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and vitamins. Boil a few beet greens, mash them and mix them with a little henna. Once you have a mixture equal to a paste, you apply it all over the scalp, letting it act for about 20 minutes, and it is removed with water.

6. Proper care

In some cases, small changes pay the most. You must be careful when washing, drying and brushing your hair. It is essential that you do not pull it too hard and that you do not be too rough with the towel when you dry it. 

7. Wasabi

The chemicals found in this plant serve as a condiment and help hair growth, and it is much more effective and efficient than the medical treatments you see on the market today.

As a final comment, remember that hair loss is a process that, to a greater or lesser extent, everyone suffers from it, only in some cases, the loss is much more severe, so it will be necessary to consult with a specialist to evaluate the situation and rule out some disease that you do not know.


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