How to Solve The Male Hair Crown Thinning Issue?

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What is the main reason for male hair crown thinning? Hair thinning for males especially in the crown area is very common. Many males are suffering from hair loss especially in their crown region. Why? there are many reasons attributed to this issue, but the main reason said and stated is male pattern baldness. Asides from this pattern issue, stress, and an unhygienic lifestyle are also major reasons. Do males lose hair on the crown region without fail? No, a majority of males are not having any issues with hair loss because they have a strong genetic feature. Inheritance is another factor for losing hair on the crown part of the head. 

Male hair crown 

When you ask a question about why males lose hair in the crown region, the expert says that DHT is responsible for that. What is DHT and why it affects males a lot? DHT is a male hormone that affects the life of hair follicles on the scalp of a male a lot. The hair follicles on the scalp of the male are largely affected by this male hormone effect. The hair follicles are loosened and tend to fall due to this hormone effect. The males who the serious effects of DHT would lose hair naturally even at a younger age and hence he goes bald. The temple and crown parts of the head are affected mostly and hence some males go bald suddenly.


Why male lose hair on his head?

Losing hair on the head starts generally for a majority of males on the temple or crown region. The hair loss starts slowly and continues its progress like M shaped pattern. This pattern on the bald head is formed due to male pattern baldness. This baldness occurs at any age of males. The bald spot occurrence on the head might change from single spots or many spots. Some customers have a single bald spot on the head and some may have many spots on the head. The intensity changes from one to another depending upon the influence of hormones. 

How to overcome crown baldness? 

Noticeable thinning of hair at the crown region is called diffuse hair thinning. This type of hair receding issue either affects the scalp of the person mildly entirely on the head. There are two types of hair loss that occur among males such as top to bottom or bottom to top. For some males, the hair loss issue starts at the front part of the head and then proceeds towards the back of the head. For some males, it is reverse completely as it starts from the back and then proceeds towards the top. Whatever the type, the males might lose hair partially or completely. The issue is caused by androgenetic alopecia among males. 

The crown area baldness may be solved by many natural methods. Experts have given many suggestions about hair regrowing on the crown area affected by baldness. The suggestions mainly based on the strict following steps of the male customers. Do we have only natural methods for hair regrowth on the crown or temple area of the bald head? not like that, you have got some other solutions if you have no hair on your crown part. The surgical method is a major technique for hair regrowth on the bald head. However, you have to analyze the pros and cons of the technique. The other major technique widely followed is the PRP technique. 

Hair cloning and nonsurgical solutions

The hair cloning technique is also another best method followed nowadays for hair regrowth. You can visit a hair clinic for suggestions and advice from the hair experts. The hair experts examine the hair status of the bald customer for the task. If the customer is fine enough to cope with the task, then he might get new hair on his bald scalp. Even nonsurgical solutions like hair units either natural or artificial systems are worn. 


Male hair crown thinning is not a strange issue for you. It is common and affects the majority of customers. There are lots of male customers who have overcome the issue successfully. You can contact them about your problem so that you can come to a conclusion easily. Never feel problematic about your crown hair loss because there are solutions available for you.


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