The Procedure of Making the Hair Toupee

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Nowadays, more and more people are exposed to the hair toupee, from juvenile to youth, from middle age to old age. But the more few people really understand how wigs are produced, let's share the production process of wigs today!

Hair is the raw material for making wigs. It can be divided into human hair and chemical fiber. The price of human hair is expensive, but its effect is the best. At present, most of the wigs popular in the domestic market are made of chemical fiber precursors. There are many kinds of chemical fiber. The chemical fiber used in domestic wig production is generally divided into domestic silk, Korean silk, and Japanese silk. The gloss, handle, elasticity, thickness, and durability of different hair are different. Of course, their prices vary greatly.

1.Cutting: The first process of making wigs is cutting. Cutting is to cut the long hair into the required length of the wig.

2. Hair drawing: After the first procedure, the two ends of the cut hair are even. Hair drawing is to put it on the iron comb and mix it to a natural range and standard length. If the color mixing is also completed by this process, the usual dark brown color is 2 / 33 color, which is to mix No. 2 color hair with No. 33 color hair. The color mixing should be uniform so that the color is natural.

3.Measurement: the weight of each wig is certain, it's in accordance with the demand of the design, so in this step, we weigh out the specified hair weight, and then tie it up with a nylon band for standby.

4. Delivery: The hair arranging machine generally has three heads and a glue box. The measured hair is arranged into a hair curtain through the hair arranging machine. Finally, the arranged hair curtain is rolled with a layer of special glue for the wig. The hair curtain is very firm and the wig will not lose its hair. 

5. Curtain cutting: The arranged hair curtains are very long, which will affect the operation of the next shaping process. Therefore, curtain cutting is to cut the long hair curtain to the length of the shaping aluminum tube.

6. Post-treatment.Before the hair toupee is taken out directly from the carton, the post-treatment is to wash the hair, put it into the wig special care solution, and soak it for 15 minutes to get a good soft feel, and then take off the water.

7.Shape: Clean and handle the feel of the hair can be modeling, modeling according to the different styles of wigs, the need for modeling tools are not the same, generally use an aluminum tube, the aluminum tube has the big type and some type, so you can make different sizes of wigs.

8. Modelling: Why the curl of a wig is not easy to deform? That's the credit of this process. Shaping is to put the well-shaped wig into a high-temperature oven to adjust the temperature suitable for the hair toupee shaping. Different crimp degree needs different shaping time, generally, 60-80 minutes is OK.

9. Fake skin: fake skin is called scalp, also known as imitation leather. Its color and texture are very close to human skin. High-quality wigs will be attached to the scalp (special fluffy wigs do not use the scalp). This kind of wig gives people a more natural and realistic visual effect.

10. High needle: Please pay attention, from here on, we can see the finished wig. The shaped hair curtain and scalp need to be sewn on the wig net cap before they can be considered as forming. Here we need to use the high needle machine. This process is very important. When sewing, we need to sew according to the design drawing completely. At the same time, high-quality wigs also have high requirements for the technicians who operate this process.

11. Wig net cap: It is an independent process, which is divided into many kinds of small processes. I will not elaborate on them here.

12. Remove the cap. On the other hand, there is a layer of plastic film inside the wig sewed with a high needle. This plastic film needs to be removed. Before, this layer of film was added to the net cap to keep the arc (that is, the head shape) when sewing with a high needle. Now, after sewing, it needs to be removed, so that when wearing the wig, it will be fully ventilated. Low-quality wigs do not need this process, because they use three pieces of mesh to sew the mesh cap, the air permeability is not as good as this one.

The above is the whole process of making the hair toupee, isn't it really quite simple?



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