How to Make a Hair System Template

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A custom hair system template is the ideal way to obtain an accurate and well-fitting hairpiece. It will create a mold of your head, ensuring that it perfectly fits your head's size, shape, and contour. Moreover, the template provides comfort, easy styling and makes you feel secure.   

But how to make a template at home that accurately fits your head? 

This guide contains a steps guide that will help you make a template to create your hair system that fits your size. 

However, it is necessary to determine the area you want to be covered, your desired hairstyle, and whether you want long or short hair. 

Keep following our article to make a hair system template.  

What Is Template Used For?

You can't just buy a hair system base and expect it to fit perfectly. You need to cut the fabric according to your size. 

The plastic template usually comes in handy. It's a foldable item and helps you find the exact size of your hair system. 

How to Make A Template? 

Things you'll need

Saran wrap

Permanent marker


Scotch tape 

Step 01: Determine the Coverage Area 

Depending on the hair type and length, it's important to measure how much of your scalp you want to be covered with a hair system.

The best way to determine the coverage area is by using a hand mirror. Carefully assess the coverage area from front and back using a mirror. 

P.S. While looking at the back, keep in mind the lowest point you want your hairpiece to cover. 

Step 02: Use A Saran Wrap To Cover The Area    

Spray some water on your scalp.

Now tear a 12" wide strip of plastic wrap long enough so that it reaches under your chin.

Place this on top and press it tightly against yourself, making sure no strands hang over the edge.

Now grab the excess wrap and twist from both ends until it tightly covers your head. Make sure no wrinkles are left. 

Use the tape to create an outline for your head. Start from the forehead and follow it around the outside edges of bald areas; these are determined by how much scalp you have left!

Step 03: Apply Layers of Tape

Lock your head using transparent tape. The applied tape on the plastic tape makes a permanent template. 

Apply three layers: first from front to back, then overlap with second side-to-side, and lastly, make sure it's an overlapping finish going all around again on top! 

Make sure you don't remove the plastic wrap from the head until the tapes are tightly fixed. 

Now using the marker, draw a line indicating the desired hair direction. If you want to create a parting, draw a line from the pivot point to the frontal line. 

Make sure you differentiate the frontal hairline with "F" and the back portion with the "B" on it. 

Step 04: Protect the Markings

Once you're finished with the template, place a layer of transparent tape going from side to side. This will seal and protect your markings for good!

Step 05: Untie the Plastic Wrap 

Carefully untie and remove your template from your head. Using a pair of scissors, cut the excess plastic wrap. A wonderful tape measure is coming out; make sure everything fits as expected before sending it away for processing. 

Where To Find The Hair System For Your Template?

Wearing a hair system is not easy; it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

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Our custom-made hair systems are designed specifically for each individual client based on their unique needs, so whether you're looking for a complete headpiece or just need some extra coverage around the crown area, we have something that will work perfectly with your lifestyle. Get ready to show off those locks again with Lavivid Hair Systems today!

Place your order at Lavivid Hair's address to get a custom hair system for you. Make sure you enter your name, address, and cell number in the package. Once we receive the package, it will be sent to the factory for processing. It takes ten days for the order to be completed. 

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