Some Tips on How to Make a Full Cap Wig Template

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Making a head template is a must if you plan to order a full cap wig. The template is the best way to get an accurate and well-fitting wig. It's used by the factory to create a mold of your head and ensures your wig perfectly fits the size, shape, and contour of your head which allows the system to feel more secure and comfortable. 

Making a head template by yourself will be quite difficult and you’d better get someone to help you with this. 

Things You Will Need for Making a Full Cap Head Template

You will need:

Plastic kitchen wraps,

A temporary marker

A piece of contour tape in the contour shape you want,

A permanent marker,

Clear or transparent cellophane tape about three quarters of an inch wide,

A pair of household scissors,


Step One: Determine the Coverage Area

Firstly find where your hairline begins and use an impermanent marker and leave a mark or line in that spot. Get a general idea of the whole area you want to cover including the temple area, sideburn, nape areas.   

Get a piece of contour tape and align it along your hairline. This will be very helpful when you trace the coverage area in Step Three.


Step Two: Place the Plastic Wrap on Your Head

When making a full cap head template, one piece of plastic wrap won’t be wide enough. So the first thing to do is taking two pieces of plastic wrap in around 3 feet long and aligning two pieces of plastic wrap together and use tape to bond these two pieces. In this way, you will have a big plastic wrap 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. 

Next, dampen your head with water and comb any hair as flat as possible. This will prevent the plastic wrap from sliding around and allows you to get a close fit to your scalp. 

Lay the plastic wrap on your head and adjust it to the position that it covers the whole head and there is some extra buffer in the front and back and you have an equal length of plastic wrap left on both sides. Twist the ends of plastic wrap and tie a knot. Make sure the plastic wrap is tight on your head but don’t stretch it because it will shrink when it is removed. 

It is important to make sure the plastic wrap is laying smooth and flat on your scalp. To keep the plastic wrap flat around your ear, cut a small slit in the plastic below the top edge of your ear. Release your ear from the plastic wrap and hook the remaining plastic wrap behind your ear make sure it is smooth and flat and tape it in place. 

Step Three: Trace the Coverage Area 

Use the permanent marker to draw the area that you want the wig to cover. When drawing the line, make it thin but visible. If the line is too thick, we won't be able to tell if you want the edge of your wig to be at the top, middle, or bottom edge of the line. 

Mark your crown area with a cross mark. 

Step Four: Apply Tapes onto Your Head

Firstly apply two pieces of tapes in the front and in the nape area separately. This helps keep the template in place. Then apply tapes from side to side from the front to the back and make sure every area is covered with tapes. Then apply a second layer of tape vertically from top to bottom. 

Step Five: Cut Out the Template

Remove the template from your head slowly. Then cut the template out leaving a half-inch buffer outside the line you drew earlier. Then retrace the line around your coverage area so that it is clean and clearly visible. 

The next step is mailing your template to us. Please enclose a note with your name and contact info on it and send it to

Stephanie Fu
LaVividHair, 13840 Magnolia Ave Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909)548-3358

*Please enclose a note with your name, email address and phone number on it. After we receive your template, we will send it to our factory side and they will start the production accordingly. Feel free to contact us through for any assistance you might need.


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