How to Install The Lavivid Hair System By Yourself

July 28, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 472

Luciano in the video showed us how to install his Lavivid hair systemHe mentioned that he hadn't worn his hair system for about 30 days, and due to his bald area, he shaves from the front to the back before applying the system. Luciano explained how he created a custom mold to match the size of his head using a plastic wrap that comes with the system. He demonstrated how he used the mold to ensure that the hair system fits correctly.

He emphasized that when he receives a new hair system from the brand La Vivid, he checks if it matches the mold. If the front of the system is slightly shorter, he leaves a small gap while applying it and then trims the excess hair later. This way, he avoids creating holes in his head and ensures a proper fit.

Luciano mentioned that he uses a machine to cut his hair around the mold, leaving some extra hair at the front. This way, he can adjust the system to fit perfectly and fill any gaps if necessary.

He mentioned that he had already started cutting his hair, following the process he described in the previous video. He emphasized that he doesn't apply pressure when using the mold. Luciano placed the mold and demonstrated how he cut his hair by following the guidelines of the mold.

Continuing, he said that he was now going to finish shaving the inside of the two lines he had created. After this, he said he would follow the usual process that he had shown in previous videos, which includes washing his hair, preparing his scalp, applying glue, and then attaching the Lavivid hair system.

Luciano mentioned that the system he was using was brand new and provided details such as the hair color (number two). He assured viewers that he always puts all the necessary information, including the hair system's details and any available discount coupons, in the video description.

He explained that he glued the back of the system first and was waiting for the glue to dry. He noted that there was an extra piece in the front, which he intentionally left to cut later so that he could maintain a small portion of his natural hairline. Luciano brushed the hair system to make sure it adhered properly.

The video showed him waiting for the glue to dry before cutting the extra piece in the front and making everything look perfect. He mentioned that he liked the long hair but needed a haircut to tidy everything up. He expressed his excitement to share this updated process with his viewers and hoped they enjoyed it. Luciano thanked the sponsor, La Vivid, for supporting the video and encouraged viewers to leave comments with any questions, tips, or feedback they might have.


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