How to Cut the Most Natural Hairline with A Poly Hair Unit

January 20, 2021 Blog Views: 2108

For some people, you can tell he is wearing a hair system from a mile away. There are many factors that can decide whether a hair system can look natural or not. Well, today we are talking about one factor that if you don’t do this correctly, it will look awful. That is how to cut the front hairline correctly to make the hairline look as natural as possible.

Most of the hair systems you see on the market either comes in a lace front or a poly front and there is always excess lace or poly in the very front that needs to be cut off before you install your hair system. Cutting off this excess lace or poly in a correct way is very important.

How to cut the perfect hairline. What you're going to need is a couple of tools including a pair of scissors, which can be the really cheap ones and what you can find at home, a spray bottle, a comb, a handful of different types of clips. You can even you can use these duckbill clips here these are regular clips for sectioning or a strong alligator clip.

The key to creating and cutting a very natural hairline that's the whole mystery and that's what makes a hair unit look real. The hair system usually comes in size of 8’’x10’’, so it is a default size and in most cases, it is larger than what people really need. So they need to cut off some area from the base to make it match the actual size needed. 

So the wrong way is to create the base outline far back from the front hairline like the red line marked in the below picture. In this way, you will get a solid and pretty thick hairline that you don’t want.

The correct way is to outline the front of your template to the very front of the hair system base where the hair actually starts and cut off the excess poly without hair on it. Don’t cut off any hair from the front.

When the hair is knotted, a special craft is used for the front hairline to create a gradual effect to make it look natural.

An important tip about cutting the excess poly is really taking your time and cut off the plastic little by little. Here I'm literally just grabbing the base like this and because of the flexibility of it, it makes it so much easier for me to really just go in and see where the hair starts on the actual base and again this detailing right here is really what sets everything apart as compared to just going in outlining the bottom and then ruining the whole entire piece by cutting into it in through the back. You don't ever want to cut into it because what you're doing is you're making it look unnatural and the whole point and the whole goal of this thing is to make it look as natural as possible this is definitely something that takes time but I think not enough people do this and that's why you see on some hair systems it just looks so unnatural because of the fact that it's this isn't done and it's cut the wrong way so as you look on top you want to kind of switch back to where it was before and now you're looking down on it like this and you want to basically look for any part of the hairline that still does not look natural that's why I think you need to do it in all different directions because that is what's going to help the most. So I'm going to again fine tune this and use your hands and use your fingers to do every little cut piece by piece.




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