Some Tips on Cleaning A Lace Hair System

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How to clean a lace hair system? Cleaning the hair system is important since the hair base touches your scalp every day. Knowing how to clean it can not only make the hair look lustrous and healthy but extend its using period. Here, we share some useful tips on cleaning the lace hair replacement unit. You can follow the steps we introduce. 

What is a lace hair system?

The lace base hair system is one sort of hair replacement system. The hair base is made of lace, a breathable material. The perimeter may be made of other materials like thin skin or mono so that the whole hair unit can be stronger and more durable. 

Such a hair system for men is perfect for people who suffer from baldness and want to have a pleasant wearing experience to wear. The lace hair base is not a smooth and impenetrable layer but a layer with many small holes that allow air to go through. Therefore, it is comfortable to wear such a product even on a warm or hot day. 

The average life span of a lace hair unit is around 4-6 months under good maintenance. Here at Lavivid, we provide cost-effective hair replacement systems including various types to customers. Like the Thor Men's Lace Toupee, it is a popular item among customers. The full French lace base offers you a soft touch on the scalp. 

Choosing the right hair toupee for men is important. Good maintenance also matters. Keeping the hair system in a good condition can lengthen its life span, and keep it in good shape. Buying a proper hair toupee for yourself is just the start. Knowing how to clean a lace hair system is the key if you decide to wear a lace hair system frequently to cover baldness. 

How to clean a lace hair system

You need to prepare some washing tools firstly including the hair conditioner, shampoo, wide-tooth comb, and a soft towel. The hair conditioner and shampoo had better not contain sulfate and alcohol chemicals, which will make the hairpiece frizz.


Step one remove the tape

We need to remove the hair toupee glue. We usually use toupee tape to apply the lace hair unit because it is easier to remove. The liquid adhesive is stronger but is hard to clean off. 

The hair system should be soaked in adhesive remover. Then, peel the tape from the perimeter which is often made of poly. Avoid peeling the tape from the lace area. Pull it off gently, otherwise, it may damage the whole hair base. 

Step two clean the residue

Soak the unit in liquid solvent for some time. Different liquid solvents have different dissolve effects. How long you soak the hair system depends on the effect of the solvent. Check the product description carefully. 

After a certain time, pick the system out and use a small brush to clean the residues with gentle strength. When most residues are cleaned off, put them back in the liquid solvent for a while. 

Step three rinse the hair replacement system

Take the system out and gently squeeze the solvent out. Use the small brush again to clean every edge from the hair base to the hairpieces. At the moment, all residues can be cleaned up. Then, rinse your lace hair toupee under the running tepid or cold water. 

Step four apply shampoo and hair conditioner

Apply a moderate amount of shampoo on the hairpiece first and rinse it thoroughly. Then, apply some hair conditioner and wait for several minutes to wash the conditioner off. Rinse the hair again and make sure that the conditioner is washed off thoroughly. 

Step five dry the lace hair unit

Do not twist the hair. Use a soft towel to absorb most of the water and hang the hair replacement in a ventilated place. Avoid using a hairdryer to heat the hair, which may cause damage to the hair and shorten its life span. 

To conclude

Choose the right lace hair system and understand how to clean a lace hair system are important. Proper maintenance of a hair toupee can save your money. Do not wash a hairpiece too frequently a day. Several times a week make keep it in good condition.


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