The Guide to Choose the Best Hair Crown Topper

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If you suffer from thinning hair in the crown area, the best way to cover the baldness is to wear a hair crown topper. While many use "wig" as a common name for all hair systems, a topper is something a bit different. It shares some common features with a wig, but it differs in terms of size, purpose and way of application. Read on to learn how to choose a crown topper so that it meets your needs and serves you an extended period of time.

How to tell a topper from a wig?

If you suffer from baldness only in the crown area, rest assured that you will not have to spend much money on a wig. A wig is designed for men who are fully bald or have a few fibers of hair on their scalp. If wigs are worn by people with much hair on their head, the human hair existing already on the scalp may become visible, which will give the person an embarrassing look. For cases when the person suffers from local baldness, toppers have to be used.

Toppers are small hair systems that aim to cover only a special area on the scalp affected by baldness or thinning hair. While a wig wearer can have only one wig on his scalp, a topper wearer may have more of them, depending on how many separate bald areas he has on his scalp. Also, a topper has a distinct way of application that can't be implemented in a wig, because wigs are worn by people who are fully bald.

The binding method using clips is only compatible with scalps that have hair because the bond occurs by stabbing the clips into the existing hair. While toppers already come with integrated clips, it may be a cheaper way of attaching a hair system, since you don't have to buy additional adhesives, as in the case of wigs. Still, if the bald area is too large and you barely have what to stab the clips into, or if you suffer from sensitive follicles that make the hair easy to rip off, you need to buy additional adhesive products.

Generally, men use the clips in combination with glue or liner tapes. Liner tapes are suitable for occasional or short-term wear, as they have a limited hold time. At the same time, they are much easier to apply and remove than liquid adhesive and don't leave residues. So every time you remove the topper, you spend no more than one minute.

Should I choose a hair crown topper with a skin base or a lace base?

Before buying a crown topper, you have to decide what base to choose. In case you want to buy the topper for short-term use, you are better off going with a lace base. This base is applied using liner tapes, and every time you want to remove the hairpiece, you can do it quickly, and without hassle and mess. If though the crown hair loss process gets out of control and the gap gets too visible, you may need to use a skin base topper, as it is more compatible with long-term wear.

The skin base works great with liquid adhesives that provide a stronger and a more extended hold. You will have to apply a new adhesive after several weeks. The hold time depends on the quality and power of the glue, and on the humidity and scalp's chemistry. Of course, if you work or live in a polluted environment, you have to wash the topper and reapply the glue more often.

Does the store I buy the topper influence its quality and longevity?

The place you buy the hair crown topper is extremely important. Some stores provide low-quality hair systems, made of cheap materials that are highly vulnerable to extreme weather events and other threats. To ensure that your topper serves you long, you have to choose a store that complies with the standards of quality and is committed to satisfying all your needs.

One of these suppliers is Lavivid, which is an online store with a large variety of hair systems and maintenance products, whose quality is beyond expectation. Check out this collection of hairpieces to choose the topper that suits you best.


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