The Guide to Choose the Best Men's 70s Wig for Tonight's Dance Party

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Is it possible to find a men's70s wig nowadays?

Finding a men's 70s wig for your dance party can be a challenge. Taking into consideration that people are not keen on 20th-century haircuts nowadays, finding a mullet or shag wig to cover your modern hairstyle can take some time. Still, there are some wig suppliers that offer this kind of hair systems to satisfy the needs of any customer. One of them is, which provides a huge variety of hairpieces of any size, color, base, and hairstyle. You can check out this page to see what they have to offer.

How to choose a 70s wig?

Before buying a 70's hair system you have to take into consideration some details. Wigs differ in some aspects and you have to be careful when selecting the wig to make sure that the one you buy satisfies your needs and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it.

1. Base

While the majority of wigs imitating modern haircuts give you to choose between two types of base, 70s wigs are focused only on lace base. The point is that 70s hairpieces are single-use, as people buy them only for special occasions, such as: parties, college gigs or talent shows. There is little chance that someone will want to go to work daily, wearing a disco afro funky or a celebrity rocker wig. This is why, 70s wigs are available in lace base which is designed for short-term wear, being applied using liner tapes.

Liner tapes offer a shorter-lasting hold power than liquid adhesives, and their removal and application is a piece of cake, unlike glues that have to be applied in multiple layers, while also requiring additional time for spreading on the scalp and waiting for the adhesive to dry. With liner tapes, all you have to do is to remove the protective band and apply the tape. Moreover, their removal is hassle-free and not messy, leaving no hard residues that need additional effort to be scrubbed off.

In this way, you don't have to worry that you can choose the wrong base. And as a reminder, don't forget to grab some liner tapes when buying the wig.

2. Synthetic fiber or human hair

Men's 70s wigs are made either of synthetic fiber or human hair. Synthetic fiber is cheaper, but it does not prove versatile when it comes to styling, since it is sensitive to styling products, such as: hair color. On the other hand, a human hair is more expensive, but it is more friendly with styling products, allowing to be dyed, moisturized, straightened or curled, being more resistant to heat. Moreover, human hair looks slightly more natural than synthetic wig.

Does 70s hairpiece look natural?

If you want to be the most stylish guy at the party, a men's 70s wig can help you at this. You don't need to worry that the wig might look unnatural or weird. Whether it is human hair or synthetic fiber, the wig will look natural and will match your face and outfit so well that it will be hard to tell whether it is a fake hairpiece or your own hair styled in a retro fashion. Even the synthetic fiber resembles a lot of human hair. The only disadvantage is that it may be less shining.

How to apply a 70s hair system to make sure it doesn't fall off when I'm dancing?

Applying this kind of wig is not a big deal. At the same time, you have to be careful and diligent at applying the hairpiece, in order to prevent it from sliding off or falling off. First of all, peel the backing off the tapes and apply them on the base. Press down onto the tape with your fingers or other solid tools to ensure a firm bonding and guarantee that the hairpiece does not slip or fall off when you are dancing or acting at the talent show or college gig.

Try to apply the tapes as close as possible to the edge of the base to help keep the wig better in place. As you are ready to wear the wig, peel the second backing off the tapes and fit the hair system onto your head.  After putting on the hair system, please wait 24 hours before taking a bath or swimming, and do not go out on stormy days to ensure that the hair system can be firmly attached to your head.


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