Which Type of Hair System Is Best for Summer Use?

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Summer is around the corner. Today we are going to talk about how to pick a hair system for the hot summer days.

Will it be super hot if wearing a hair system in the hot summer days? Well, not necessarily. It depends on what styles of hair systems you pick. Deciding whether it is hot to wear one is the hair system base which the hair is attached into. Basically there are 4 materials are used to make the hair system base and they are lace, poly, mono and silk. When you pick a hair system for summer, firstly you might want to exclude silk base and thick poly base first. Here is why.

For a silk base, to make the knots totally invisible and the hair looks like it grows out of your scalp, a 3-layer base is used, thus it is not breathable, thus it is hot.

silk base toupee

Second base to say no to is a thick skin or poly base. What’s good about thick poly bases is that they are very durable, very secure on the head and looks realistic but its drawbacks is that they are not so breathable. So it might be hot to wear during summer. If you swear a lot, we don't recommend you choose the skin base hair system.

skin toupee


What Are Recommended for Summer Wear

So the first choice would be our Helios swiss lace hair system. It is a full lace base, so it is breathable everywhere. When you have this unit on, you scalp can breathe normally. Swiss lace is the most transparent and delicate lace material available on the market. It is the first one to consider for summer.

When summer is here, people prefer their hair to be short and thin. The hair density of Helios is 90%, so it is not thick hair and it works for all ages. Most importantly, because of its good air permeability, it can help you quickly evaporate sweat and let you cool down quickly.

swiss lace toupee


Other styles that also work for summer are Thor French lace hair system:

Thor is a full French lace base which is a little thicker than swiss lace but stronger. As far as the breathability is concerned, Thor has the same good breathability as Helios.


Then it is our Ares hair system:

ares hair system 

Ares has French lace in the front and poly in the back. The default size of it is 8’’x10’’ and this size is usually larger than what people actually need, so they will cut a bit of the base off to make it smaller. So there is not too much poly left on the base, so the poly won’t be a problem if you are worried that it will be hot to wear. On the contrary, the bit poly base makes the hair unit stays on the head more firmly and keep the base structure in shape.

Then here is our Thor french lace hair system:

Thor hair unit

Thor is comparatively stronger and can last longer. Thor has a base made entirely of French lace, with reinforced stitching lines to create a well-fitting shape. The french lace is soft, light, breathable but also strong and durable. Thor offers you the most natural front hairline and the most comfortable fit. Made from 100% Indian Remy human hair, the hair is high-quality, healthy and strong. Thor is completely hand-tied, offering natural hair movement. Single knots are on the front 1/2'' of the hairpiece and double knots elsewhere.

Then there is our Crius hair system:

crius system

Crius has lace in the center and poly in perimeter. For the most part that covers on your head can breathe freely. The perimeter make sure you have a super natural hairline and also secures on the head very firmly. For this style, you only need to use tape or glue in the perimeter and leave the lace part as it is.


Then there is our Simois hair system:

simois toupee


Just like Crius, Simois has a big part of lace to make it possible for your scalp to breathe. You also only need to use tape or glue on the poly part and leave the lace part as it is.


Then there is our Versalite hair system:

Versalite toupee

Versalite has mono in the center, poly in perimeter and lace in the front hairline. Mono is a material that is also breathable but more intense and stronger than lace material. The poly cutaways in the back can be cut to meet the size you need.

These are the styles that we recommend for a summer use. Also they are popular styles on our website. If you need any assistance to pick the right color and style, please feel free to contact support@lavividhair.com and our experts will help you.


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