The Guide to Choose the Right Afro Hair Piece

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Many are envious of black men and women who have Afro hair. Many celebrities have also rocked the afro, which has made it more popular. Even if you don’t have naturally curly or kinky hair you can still have an Afro hairdo and that with the use of an Afro hair piece or wig. Afro wigs are also ideal for black men and women who are now bald or are starting to become bald. Wearing a wig or a hair piece will bring back the lost glory days of our hair.

You will be surprised at how far wigs have come. They now look more natural than ever. You will also be surprised at the variety of wigs available. Do you know that there are many different types of Afro wigs? When you go to a wig store and ask for an Afro toupee, you may even get overwhelmed at the number of options available. Having variety though is good news. It simply means there are plenty of options available to you. This article serves as a short guide for people planning to buy a kinky hair piece. Here, you will learn what to look for in an Afro wig.

Choosing the right length for your Afro hair piece

Choosing the length of a wig is a personal choice. Ther’s one thing you need to know, however, when it comes to length when you’re buying a kinky hair piece. The length quoted in the packaging or in a description on a website refers to the length of the wig when it’s straight. So an Afro wig that is quoted as being 12 inches long may appear as being only three to four inches long. So if you like a wig that you can flatten with a hair iron, then you need to choose a longer wig. Here is a pro-tip: get an Afro wig that is at least 14 inches long. This is because longer wigs are easier to manage and style. For men, you can go for a medium-length wig like the Adam Men Curly Hair Toupee from Lavivid. It is 10 inches long and has rod size curls. Lavivid is a trusted brand of high-quality hair pieces. Shop now:

Choosing the curl pattern of your Afro hair piece

Yes, there are different types of curl patterns. Generally, curl patterns fall into two classifications: loose curl and tight curl. So the different types refer to the different levels of looseness or tightness. Like length, choosing the right curl pattern is also a matter of taste. But you need to be careful when buying a wig online, however.

Often, pictures don’t do justice to the curl pattern. So it is advisable that you read the description to make sure that you are buying a wig with the right curl pattern. For example, some site may describe a wig as being Afro but in reality, it may just be a simple curly wig.

So when you shop for Afro wig, you will encounter wigs with a kinky curly texture and wigs with smaller curls. Whether you choose a with tight or loose curls, you need to take care of it to make sure that it will last.

Selecting the right Afro hair piece color

Afro wigs also come in different colors. When you choose a wig color, you need to consider your skin tone. Some people think that the colo options for dark-skinned individuals are limited. This is simply not true. In fact, there’s a wide variety of colors that will look good in men and women with a dark skin tone. They can choose a purple, platinum, plum, and even blonde wig if they want and they will still look fabulous.

You can really go crazy and creative when you’re choosing the right wig color. And Afro wig looks great whatever color it comes in. Have you seen someone rock blonde or even white Afro hairpiece? It looks really cool, right? Choosing the right with color for you is a matter of self-expression. If you have a loud and colorful personality, then go ahead with a bright-colored Afro.

Sporting an Afro hair piece can be really fun. But whatever kind of Afro wig you choose, you need to take care of it like it’s real hair. This is the way to preserve its quality.


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