The Guide to Apply Ghost Bond and Ensure That You Get an Extended Hold Time

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Before speaking about how to apply the ghost bonds, it is important to understand what in fact is a ghost bond. If you wear a hair system, you most probably know that you need an adhesive to mount the wig on your head and make it hold tight onto the scalp. Well, while some adhesives can be detected with the naked eye, such as tapes, the ghost bond is nearly impossible to notice. If you think that it is invisible, it is not quite so. The glue is white, but the color goes away as you apply it on the skin becoming barely noticeable after some minutes.

Why is ghost bond safer than other adhesives?

ghost bond

This adhesive is considered one of the safest bonding tools being based on water rather than on harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation. It also provides a strong hold ensuring that the hair system does not come off during strong winds or in hot weather when the scalp sweats.

Speaking of sweating, the ghost bond is waterproof and it does not lose the bonding power if it comes in contact with moisture. This also means that you can walk in rain without fearing that the water landed on your scalp will weaken the bond and allow the wig to break free making you end up in an embarrassing situation.

As it was mentioned before, the adhesive is based on a water formula, which makes the product safe for extended use. While most adhesives consist of harsh solvents or contain latex which hinders skin from breathing, this water-based product is totally scalp-friendly which allows you to use it more often without risking getting skin issues. Moreover, the product has anti-bacterial agents that prevent bacteria from getting on your scalp, removing unpleasant odors.

Who is this product designed for?

Besides the popular question "how to apply ghost bond", people also want to know if the product is suitable for them and for their hair system. Well, we can answer this question very simply. The ghost bond is designed for everybody. Since it is made of a safe water-based formula, even the wig wearers with the most sensitive scalp can use this glue.

However, while the composition makes it a universal adhesive, the product is still designed and recommended for two categories of people with artificial hairpiece. The first one is people living in humid conditions. If it is hot outside and you sweat, the moisture collected on your scalp cannot break the bond as the adhesive is waterproof. The second category is people with oily scalp the adhesive providing a secure and extended hold despite the oily surface that reduces the bonding power with other adhesives.

How to apply ghost bond?

It's not a big deal applying the glue, at least special skills are not required to put the bond in place. Still, you need to follow some tips that will ensure an extended hold and will make the wig less likely to fall off. The most important tip, which is actually a requirement, is to apply 4 coatings of adhesive. If you apply only one coating, be ready to end up in an embarrassing situation in public, as the bonding power will be too weak to keep the hair system in place.

Before application, wash your scalp with shampoo to remove glue residues from the previous wear and eliminate oil. Dry it with a towel. Then, collect some adhesive on your fingertips and apply it gently on the scalp ensuring that you spread it evenly. Use slow rotational moves to make sure that you cover each inch on the scalp without leaving blank areas. Wait 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky, almost dry.

As the liquid substance turns solid, proceed with the second coating, and wait another 20 seconds after application. Check the adhesive at a touch. If you feel that it is still liquid, wait some additional seconds to let it dry properly. Generally, if the environment is humid, the glue dries longer. Apply the third coat using the same amount of glue as for the previous coatings. As another 20 seconds have passed, get down to applying the last layer of adhesive.

After 4 coats have been applied, wait another 5 minutes for the bond to become strong. If you follow these instructions you will get a secure hold that will resist all weather conditions, oily scalp and sweating.

How to remove the adhesive?

When it comes to removing the adhesive, you don't need to put much effort. Truth be said, common things like water will not help take the wig off. You need to use a special adhesive remover that will lose the bonding power safely and without pain.

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