Six Tips to Tell You That How to Add Hair to Lace

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How to add hair to lace? People wonder. Lace hair seems to be one of the most important things people need for adding color to their appearance. Not only does it change a person’s general look, but also makes people who wear it more confident. However, what exactly is it behind this beautiful thing? Does it cost a lot of effort to make lace hair? Is it difficult? And how to add hair well to lace? Here are some tips to tell you how to do this. 

Turn around the hair

First, you want to turn the hair over on itself. This is what we call our turnaround. Generally, you would like to keep it very short, but for this, and because you are beginning, what you are going to do is, basically, fold the hair in half. And you can make it a longer turnaround and this will make it a little bit easier for the beginner who wants to learn how to add hair to lace.

Fold the hair in half

Then what you have to keep in mind is that because you have created a longer turnaround, the length of your hair, when you finish, is going to be shorter. So the shorter the turnaround, the longer the length of your piece. After this, you can just fold the hair in half. Sometimes, you will have some hair that is cut a little short. But it is okay because you are not going to get every single hair into the lace and you will make a couple of boo-boos here but you can just move forward.

Add some moisture

Since you are not going to get a very good knot with dry hair, you can add some moisture into the hair. And the way you can do is that you take a cup of hot water and you will dip the hair into the water.

Knot it on itself

So in the first half of your square, you can demonstrate the first knot. What you are going to is take the needle, place it under the lace, draw and catch a piece of the hair. Then you can bring it through the lace and basically knot it on itself. And you will do it a second time and just repeat the process. As you gain experience, you will start becoming a little bit faster. So this is generally the idea.

Get the first knot tied

The most difficult part of this entire lesson on how to add hair to lace is getting the first knot tied. What you would like to do is just slow it down a little bit for you. You can come through the lace and grasp the hair. It is just a slight tension between the tool and your forefinger and thumb. Once you figure out that tension, things will be a lot easier. As you know, it just takes practice. It will be really good if you get the first knot.

Each step in detail

After having done a few knots, what you have to know is each step. You can take the knotting tool underneath the lace and you can see the tension that you have the lace at because you don’t want it too loose. As you can see, it is good tension between the needle and the lace.

Then the next step is to grab a piece of hair and bring it under. Then you are going to take your hair and wrap it. At the same time, you can move the tool back towards you. You can continue bringing the hair around towards you and the needle goes away from you. Then, you let the barb catch it and come through. What you have to remember is that you still have the tension there on your forefinger and thumb as well as the needle and hair, after which you will slowly bring the hair through, releasing a little bit and drawing the hair through.

On the front half, you have to concentrate on filling. If you can do every other hole and every other row, just get comfortable with the art of tying knots on this first half. When you get to the second half, you should concentrate on trying to hit every barb every little hole because in this way you can become familiar with the technique.

Hope the tips above can give you great help on how to add hair to lace. No matter how much time it takes and how difficult it is, the most important thing you have to do is keep patient and always stick to it. Believe that you will make great lace hair!


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