How Steffen Janczak Helps Men Out Of The Hair Crisis

December 08, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 1710

His hair was already running out at the age of 20. Steffen Janczak (37) initially didn't mind the hair loss fact and jokes from strangers and friends. But then he got into the subject of hair systems. Today this Hanoverian man is influencing men who are experiencing hair loss all over the world.

He tried almost everything trying to get the hair back. “I applied ointments, used tinctures, turned the Internet inside out looking for solutions. All in Vain. And have lost a lot of money. "Steffen Janczak (37) shrugs his shoulders," You can't do much against nature. "

Janczak was in his early twenties when the first receding hairline formed. At first he didn’t quite care about it. Even when it got worse and the first sayings came up like "You have a helipad on your head", that didn't bother him. At some point, the look in the mirror became more critical: "I work in the fashion industry and thought, Oh, you've gotten old."

He researched hair transplants, but came to the conclusion that "the providers do one thing above all: play with your hope". Thousands of euros for several painful interventions, an unsatisfactory rate of hair growth, which in case of doubt becomes fluffy and thin and then breaks off. “I didn't want any of that.” What about now? he asked himself, and in 2019 he discovered a solution for himself on social media for the first time: hair systems.

“They used to say toupee, synthetic hair was used for this,” says the Hanoverian store manager of the Lacoste fashion company. Today human hair is used, most of it comes from Asia. Janczak ordered a hair piece from a foreign supplier and then sought help - from master hairdresser Betty Göbel, a wig and fine hair specialist in Hemmingen. "You get the hair system almost raw, it first has to be cut to the shape of your own head," says the 37-year-old. The texture of the hair is different for everyone, so adequate advice is important, not to mention the final haircut.

There are hair systems that are knotted on lace or skin, and which are also provided with special skin-friendly adhesive strips. "At first it is strange, you have to get used to it first," says Janczak. What happened to him immediately: “An incredible boost in happiness and self-esteem. I thought it was mega, looked a lot younger. Only people who have no hair understand that. ”He has never made a secret of his new head of hair, although he talks less about it today than at the beginning.

Steffen Janczak

* 5. November 1984 in Salzwedel. After completing secondary school, he completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman. He switched from the food sector to textiles, and in 2008 he joined Ed Hardy in Berlin. Two years later he runs a Camp David branch in Wolfsburg, then in Hanover. After a few positions at premium brands, he ended up at Lacoste, where he was a store manager on Karmarschstrasse. The second mainstay is working with hair systems. Janczak lives with his dog, Jack Russel Terrier Kenny (15), in the List. He enjoys going out to eat, jogging and cycling.

“I was always stared at right away, people literally looked for the point on my head.” While men are still very ashamed in this country, wearing hair systems is much more common in America and Asia. Janczak is now doing very well with his replacement hair (costs 200 to 300 euros) - a system usually lasts three months, sometimes up to six months. Shampooing, caring for, and blow-drying all affect this hair, and it has to be reapplied about every two weeks.

Born in Salzwedel, he shares his knowledge on social media and has become a real institution on Instagram. There are currently 19,300 people following him on his stefano. official page. Men around the world ask him questions and seek advice. He also shares videos of how he first shaves parts of his head and then, step by step, attaches or has the hairpiece attached. "It's great how many people I can encourage and thereby make a difference.


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