Different Types of Non Surgical Hair Replacement

July 6, 2021

How many types of non surgical hair replacement do you know? I will introduce them to you in this article. You will see hair replacements in genders, materials. In this way, you can buy them for yourself or others.

We can divide men’s wigs into five types, there are machine-made wigs(capless wigs), full lace wigs, lace front wigs, mono top wigs, and Jewish wigs.

Machine-made wigs(capless wigs) are made by the whole machine, which is the most basic type of wigs and is made by the whole mechanism. Full lace wig, in the actual order, you can add elastic, adjusting belt, PU, and other accessories to the net cap, in this way to meet the customer’s comfortable requirements.

Lace can be divided into French lace and Swiss Lace. French lace is slightly harder than Swiss lace but stronger than Swiss lace. Swiss lace is soft but not as strong as French lace. Different customers will have different preferences. At present, Korean lace is widely used in the market because of its low price. Durability and comfort are also good. Lace colors: transparent, light brown, brown, dark brown, and black.

Lace front wigs are generally composed of front lace hook+rear mechanism hair weaving, but also front lace. Because of the difference between dry understanding and definition, many customers sometimes refer to full lace wig as front lace wig, which needs to be confirmed with customers in actual orders.

Mono top wigs, mono is a kind of mesh with dense mesh and slightly harder texture than lace. It can be distributed in the whole overhead distribution line or the head-spinning part. It is more realistic after wearing, and the hair has the feeling of growing from the scalp. However, the air permeability of this kind of mesh is worse than lace.

Jewish wigs(injected wigs), also known as hand-held wigs. This kind of wig is the most complicated craft among all wigs. Jewish wig is very expensive, and its materials are mainly made from European hair and Mongolian hair. The needle passing part is generally distributed on the top of the head.

This part is composed of three layers of lace materials. Hair hooks on the middle lace layer and then passes through the top layer of mesh material similar to Chinese silk texture to shape the feeling of hair growing from the scalp. The bottom layer is covered with a layer of cloth to cover the hair nodes of the middle hand hook layer, which makes it more comfortable to wear.

Then we should move our eyes to women’s types of non surgical hair replacement. Here are five types of wigs that women always buy online and offline.

Side part fluffy perm hair, this middle-aged hairstyle design can make wigs easier to wear and more convenient to take care of. Middle-aged and old-aged hairstyles have less hair volume, so it will be more difficult to take care of them.

It is more appropriate to comb a wig with a 37-point side part haircut and match the round face of middle-aged and old-aged people.

The design of wig with slanting bangs and short hairstyle and air sense, although the length of hair is short and long, among the hair with distinct length, the texture perm makes the hair appear flat.

The short hair wig design, which is suitable for middle-aged and old people, has a better cosmetic effect, which makes the head shape more three-dimensional and four-dimensional combing is obvious.

Air oblique bangs are textured and permed with a short hairstyle. Hairlines are directly combed with oblique bangs, and short perms are taken care of along the hairstyle, which will make the styling more natural and very temperament.

Comb hair has both short hair and long hair. This slightly layered short wig has oblique bangs just combed on the forehead, and it is very special to roll up the backcomb.

Super short hair, fluffy short wig hairstyle. Short wig hairstyle is taken care of along the eyebrows, the hair on the top is a wig, but the back of the head should be paved with a wig all the time.

Middle-aged and old-aged people can buckle their hair slightly, and hairstyles made by sticking to their scalp can make wigs more natural to wear.

Oblique bangs short wig hairstyle, middle-aged and old-aged temperament short wig hairstyle, after taking care of the wig, it just matches the cheeks naturally.

For middle-aged and old-aged women’s hair, try to choose wigs when doing short hair to improve the fullness of hairstyle, showing that young short hair is fluffy and permed with stronger texture.

Above, under the gender category, the division and introduction of types of non surgical hair replacement are given. This helps us to avoid detours when choosing wigs. At the same time, when choosing and buying wigs for your friends or yourself, the article provides a good way to learn some basic knowledge. I hope you are satisfied. If you need more information, please contact our customer service.