Do You Know How Long Does Toupee Glue Last?

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How long does toupee glue last? Different glues have different holding times. Opting for the right glue can save your time in applying and removing a hair replacement. Then, liquid adhesive and tape, which one is better? You will find the answer in the following content. 

Hair toupee glues are a necessity if we want to apply a hair system successfully. There are two kinds of glues used to attach a hair base, one is the liquid adhesive, another is the toupee tape. 

Then, which one is better to use? It depends on your needs. The liquid adhesive is harder to use but it has stronger bonding effects. In general, it can last longer than the tapes. Tapes are easy to attach and remove. By comparing the pros and cons of liquid adhesives and tapes, you may better know which one to use. 

Pros and cons of liquid adhesive

Liquid adhesives can produce strong bonding effects. If you sweat a lot or have an oily scalp, using liquid adhesive can make sure that the hair system will not slip off from your head. Therefore, the average lasting time of liquid adhesives is longer than that of tapes. 

Some quality toupee adhesives are resistant to high temperatures and water. However, liquid glues are not as convenient as tapes to use. The amount of adhesive you pour down on the hair base should be carefully measured. When you are removing the hair unit, you need to use particular removers to handle it. Besides, using liquid glue needs you to wait for it dried. It cannot be attached to your head immediately. 

Improper removal will damage the hair base. Furthermore, when you are cleaning the hair base, you should notice whether the liquid adhesive residues have been cleaned up at all. If the base of the hair replacement system you wear is made of lace material, it is suggested not to use liquid glues because the lace base has many small holes to allow high breathability. It will be harder to remove and clean the glues on the lace base. 

Pros and cons of toupee tapes

Tapes, compared to the liquid ones, are much easier to use. We use tapes in our daily life. It can immediately adhere to your scalp. However, tapes cannot produce bonding effects as strong as liquid adhesives. 

If you sweat a lot in the daytime, it may slip off. But some types can be attached to your skin firmly. It depends on which type of toupee tapes you choose. Another advantage of tapes is that they can adhere to different surfaces. As we have said above, it is not suitable to use liquid adhesive on a lace base. Tapes are versatile to different hair bases. 

When you want to remove the hair unit, you can directly tear it off from behind. You do not need toupee removal. When you are cleaning the hair base, you find no adhesive residues. Thus, it is more convenient to apply and remove hair replacement systems glued by tapes. 

How long does toupee glue last

Then, the question comes “How long does the toupee glue exactly last” Take the quality products from our store for example. We provide a wide range of tapes to our customers. When you are shopping around for an ideal hair unit, you can purchase a nice glue in our store. 

Ultra Hold Toupee Tape in Roll

This product is welcomed by consumers in our store. It costs 11 US dollars. It is one of the most long-lasting hair system tapes we offer. The holding time of it is over 6 weeks. It is great to use on a lace hair unit. 

Toupee Glue Walker Great White

The price of the product is 36.99 US dollars. It does not harm the skin and can resist bacteria. The holding time of it is around 3-5 weeks. The transparent color makes it well blend with the hair system. It can be washed off with water and soap. 

To sum up

How long does toupee glue last? The average lasting time of a toupee is near a month or over. Buying the right glue is necessary for the successful application of a hair toupee. If you want to choose one good hair glue, welcome to our store.



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