How Long Does Hairskeen Hair System Last?

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Hair systems have been trending for a long time now, and they keep evolving according to people's requirements. For years men have used different hair systems to either change their style or cover their hair loss. However, choosing a hair replacement service is as important as choosing a hair system because a lousy hair system replacement can also ruin your skin and natural hair. 

Hairskeen offers the best hair system services along with other hair care products to make you feel more confident. Since men find the topic of hair systems embarrassing for some reason, many questions go unanswered because of it. However, we will answer the most common question that men ask regarding hair systems, which is how long do Hairskeen hair systems last? This question bothers a lot of men because they want to know the answer to this question and calculate its cost and compare it with other hair products. 

Well, the durability of hair systems depends on the different types of hair systems that the company offers. Each hair system is made with a different type of base, hair, and technique and all these factors play a key role in the longevity of different hair systems. 

Longevity of Hairskeen Hair Systems 

Although the longevity of hairskeen hair systems varies according to types of hair systems and the way you care for it, a hair system generally lasts between 6-8 months and sometimes more if used occasionally.

Types Of Hair Systems And How Long Do They Last?  

Hair systems are either made with synthetic hair or human hair, and there are not many different types of hair systems and toupees that brands offer. Different types of Hair systems, along with their longevity, are listed below. 

  • Lace Hair Systems 

Lace hair systems are the most common type of hair system because they are incredibly lightweight and perfect for everyday use. They are usually made with breathable French lace to provide you with comfort all day. A lace hair system lasts around 4-6 months, varying with the use and care. 

  • Skin Hair Systems

Most Skin hair systems are not quite durable because they are made with ultra-thin skin in order to provide you with a comfortable and light experience. Skin hair systems are natural-looking hair systems and are suitable for occasional use and last around 1-2 months only.

  • Mono Hair Systems

Mono hair systems are made with polyester and mesh. They are the most durable hair systems that can stay on your head during showers and workout sessions as well. A mono hair system lasts for 8-12 months, depending on the use and care of the hair system. 

  • Silk Hair Systems

Silk hair systems are manufactured differently; they are made with silk and polyester. Silk hair systems are durable and also give an illusion of hair growing out from the skin, which makes it the most natural-looking hair system. It can easily last for 8-10 months. 

LaVivid hair offers a great variety of mono, silk, lace, and skin hair systems for a reasonable price; they have different styles and colors from which you can choose one that suits you perfectly. LaVivid hair has many different styles of skin hair systems that are perfect for all occasions, whether it be a lunch date or a business meeting. Their mono hair systems last longer than any other mono hair systems and are available in various colors and sizes. 

How to Take Care of Hair Systems? 

Since Hair systems are considered your new hair, you should care for it just like your natural hair. Caring right for the hair systems is extremely important because the durability of hair systems depends on them. Here are a few tips that you should use to make your hair systems last longer than usual. 

  • Brush your hair systems lightly, preferably with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Use the best quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair systems. 
  • Make sure to dry your hair system completely after the shower. 
  • Avoid going to the pool or beach with hair systems as it can damage it severely. 
  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair systems.
  • Wash the hair systems at least thrice a week if you wear them regularly. 
  • Ensure to oil the ends of your hair system as it will keep it moisturized and last longer. 
  • Avoid using brushes with sharp ends as they can pull out many tangles at once, causing the hair to break. 

How Does Hair Systems Work?

If you are someone who is aware of the film industry or if you keep up with the different social media application and their trends, then it is unlikely that you miss out on hair systems. Hair systems have been prevalent for a while now, and many celebrities also use them to change their style or hide their hair loss. Hair systems are better than wigs, and everyone is aware of the fact, but what is exactly a hair system? And how does it work? Well, you don't have to be confused any longer, because we have the answer to your question. 

Hair systems are quite similar to wigs; the only difference is that they can stay on your head for up to 10 months, while the wig has to be removed every other day. Hair systems are adhered to your head with a glue or a tape by a hair system expert to make it undetectable. They need to well- maintained just like natural hair, in order to last longer.    

Final Words 

Hair is an extremely important part of the personality, and many people who suffer from hair loss due to medical condition or any other factor feels incomplete without it. Therefore it is important to restore confidence with the hair system, wig, or transplant. 

Although in our opinion, hair systems are way better than wigs and transplants both because you neither have to change it every day nor you have to go through surgery for it and you can easily buy them online through LaVivid hair.  


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