How I'm Making My Custom Hair System LAST LONGER & LOOK HEALTHIER

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Meet Jacob Kent, a confident individual who, like many others, faced the challenge of hair loss. Determined to find a solution that offered a natural and seamless look, Jacob decided to explore the world of hair systems. In this article, we delve into Jacob's one-month experience with Lavivid's fully customized hair system. From the initial selection to the astonishing results, Jacob's journey serves as an inspiration to those seeking a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance.

Selecting the Perfect Hair System:

When Jacob approached Lavivid, he had specific goals in mind. Seeking a hair system that would be incredibly realistic, he opted for Lavivid's renowned 0.02 to point 0.03 millimeter poly thin skin base. This choice offered exceptional realism, making it the ideal option for Jacob.

Furthermore, Jacob sought the perfect density that would complement his age and desired appearance. After careful consideration, he settled on a density of 90 to 95 percent, a decision that later proved to be a game-changer.

Enhancing the Natural Look with Highlights:

Jacob was aware that hair systems often experience bleaching and lightening over time due to sun exposure and shampooing. To counter this effect and add a touch of dimension, Jacob decided to incorporate highlights into his hair system. The natural-looking high and low lights helped blend his natural hair seamlessly with the hair system, elevating its authenticity to new heights.

The Impact of Curlier Hair:

In a bold move, Jacob opted for a slightly curlier hair system compared to his previous choices. Embracing this change allowed him to experiment with a fresh look while maintaining a sophisticated appeal. The texture of the hair played a crucial role in the overall appearance of the hair system, and Jacob's choice proved to be a transformative one.

First Impressions and the Best Haircut:

Upon receiving the hair system, Jacob was awestruck by its exceptional quality. The thin-skin poly base, combined with the added highlights and desired curliness, exceeded his expectations. However, the true magic happened during the haircut.

Lavivid's expert hair cutter skillfully integrated the hair system with Jacob's natural hairline, delivering an outstanding fade. This groundbreaking haircut opened up a world of possibilities for Jacob, allowing him to confidently embrace trendy and fashionable styles.

The Verdict: Lavivid's Hair System Reigns Supreme

After wearing the hair system for a month, Jacob declared it the best he had ever experienced. The thin-skin poly base significantly contributed to its realism, surpassing even the highly regarded super fine Swiss lace. The added highlights brought a whole new dimension to the hair, camouflaging any color shifts and creating an impressively natural appearance.

The resilience of Lavivid's hair system proved remarkable. Even after a month of use, the hair remained soft, vibrant, and full of life. Jacob attributed this not only to Lavivid's exceptional hair quality but also to his meticulous conditioning routine. Regular conditioning, performed every other day, preserved the hair's bounce and volume, leaving it vibrant and incredibly lifelike.

The Journey to Mastery:

Jacob acknowledges that his journey with hair systems had its initial challenges. He experimented with different hair systems and treatments to find what worked best for him. Over time, he honed his skills in managing and maintaining hair systems, gaining expertise through experience and persistence.

Jacob's dedication and progress serve as an encouragement to others beginning their hair system journey. He reminds them that achieving success with hair systems requires patience and determination, but the rewards of renewed confidence and self-assurance are immeasurable.


Jacob Ken's one-month experience with Lavivid's fully customized hair system is a testament to the transformative power of modern hair replacement solutions. By selecting the right features and investing time in proper care, Jacob achieved a natural-looking, highly realistic result. His journey inspires others to embrace their unique hair loss solutions, building confidence and living life to the fullest. As Jacob continues to master the art of managing hair systems, he eagerly looks forward to sharing more invaluable insights and experiences with the community.


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