How A Hair System Looks in Person

March 20, 2020 Men's Hair Loss Views: 2929

LaVivid Hair provide a wide range of hair systems in difference bases and hair colors. However, you might want to know how each style really looks like on a real person. Today, I am going to show you how different styles look with different densities, styles and colors.

There are 4 categories of hair systems that LaVivid Hair provides and they are Lace hair systems, skin hair systems, mono hair systems and silk hair systems.

Lace Hair Systems

Helios swiss lace hair system has the most transparent and delicate swiss lace. It offers a super natural hairline and totally breathable which is suitable for hot weather and active lifestyles. Helios has a density of 90% medium light.

lavivid helios swiss lace system

Thor French lace hair system is stronger and thicker than Helios swiss lace. Thor has a density of 105%. It is made by all French lace.

Thor French Lace Hair Replacement

Ares hair system non-surgical hair replacement system has French lace in the front and PU in the back. It is easier to work with and suitable for beginner wears who are into lace hair systems.

ares lace front toupee

Crius men’s half wig toupee has French lace in the base center and PU in perimeter. This style has two sizes available and they are 6.3’’x9.4’’ and 8’’x10’’. When you choose this style, please do pick one that is close to your hair loss size since the PU in perimeter cannot be cut off a lot. Otherwise there will be no enough room for tapes.

crius hair system

Skin Hair Systems

0.02mm Eros ultra thin skin hair system is the thinnest base ever available on the market. It carries 90% medium light density. And it will give you a super realistic front hairline.

Eros hair system

0.04mm Mirage super thin skin hair system carries 95% density. If you like skin bases, then this one is very suitable for beginner wearers. A full skin base can hold much stronger and longer than a lace base system which is exactly what people are looking for especially when they just start to wear a hair system.

lavivid mirage toupee

0.08mm Coeus thin skin hair system has a density of 115%. 

coeus thin skin toupee

Oceanus Men’s Hair System has 0.08mm skin in the back and about 1’’ lace in the front. It carries 130% density hair and a lot of young people choose this style.

Oceanus hair system

Mono Hair Systems

Online has mono in the base center and PU around the base. It carries 120% density of hair.

apollo hair system

Versalite Men’s Hair Pieces has mono in the base center, PU cut-aways in the back and lace in the front. It carries 130% hair and a great choice for young people.

versalite toupee

For the pictures you see here, some people prefer to wear hair back while some prefer to wear a fringe. It doesn't mean that this hair system can only be styled that way. For some styles, you can wear the hair back and wear a fringe too while for some certain styles, you can only wear a fringe to cover the hard front hairline. If this confuses you, please contact our experts at and we will help you pick a style that will suit your needs perfectly.

We actually have more pictures and videos for each product. For more information please visit our website and you can get more details about each product.


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