How Does A Clip-on Hair System Work?

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What most people know about a clip-on hair system is that you don’t have to shave your own hair to wear a clip-on hair toupee. What else do you need to know about a clip on hair system? What kind of hair loss pattern is a clip-on hair system for? Does it look as natural as a glued-on hairpiece? Read on to find out. 

What Is A Clip-On Hair System?

A Clip-on hair system means a hair system with clips on it. Instead of gluing or taping it down, people use clips to attach the hair system on the head. 

Not all the hair system bases can be attached with clips. Only lace, mono or thick poly can be attached with clips. Like the picture above, the base is a full lace base and we added two clips on both sides and two clips in the back. For example, a 0.04mm super thin poly base cannot be added with clips, because the clips will tear the base down. 

How Does A Clip-On Hair System Work?

With a clip-on hair system, people usually glue or tape the front down to the hairline to make sure the hairline looks great and lay flat on the head. For the back and sides, just clip it to your own hair. So this requires your own hair to be at least 1-1.5’’ and also has a certain amount of hair to hold the clips. 

What Kind of Hair Loss Pattern is A Clip-on Hair System for?

If you are going through male pattern baldness, overall thinning, receding hairline instead of scattered bald spots on the head, also you have enough hair to hold the clips, then a clip-on hair system is an option you can consider. 

The best advantage of a clip-on hair system is that you don’t need to shave your own hair to wear it. Some people cares this a lot and they just want to keep their own hair. In this case, you can contact us through and send some pictures of your own hair and we will check whether a clip-on hair system will work for you. 

Does It Look Natural?

Here is a hair system transformation with a clip-on hair system. You can see whether it looks natural or not. 

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