The Tip to Wash Your Hair System and Remove the Smell Completely

July 29, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 2691

When I started to wear a hair system, I came across a couple of challenges and things that were happening to the hair unit. I was sweating a lot and I was using a thin poly base. There's no breathability on that base so it would start to build up and then I would start to get a little bit of an odor under the unit which I could smell. I hate this odor. So how should I get rid of this odor? Today I'm going to show you how to do that

A couple of things need to be used in this process not only to get the smell away from the hair system but also how to properly clean it.

First, you need to take a bowl filled with normal room temperature. Then I am dabbling in a little bit of the baking soda and then I'm going to squeeze in a little bit of the dish detergent and then add four pumps of the shampoo. Next, I’m going to take the base and I'm simply going to just let it sit and then I'm going to push down so that the entire unit is emerged into the mixture here in the bowl and then let it sit for no more than an hour. We don't want to let it sit over an hour or so because the knots will start to loosen a bit and you may get some shedding on the unit. 

So Ive waited for a full 60 minutes and I have the hair system here in a shampoo sink and what I'm going to take the hair system out and I'm going to then rinse it to get some of the mixture off. 

Then I just use my hands to gently remove the buildup and the glue from the hair system base. So here all I'm doing is just going over the entire unit or the hair system with my hand and I'm just rolling my thumb on the base and the excess glue from the previous application is coming right up.

The reason you want to get rid of this adhesive residue is because this creates a layer and a barrier that prevents the next application from really being able to stick to the scalp.

So now what I'm going to do is to fully rinse the hair system to get rid of the excess glue and the buildup. I also want to make sure that I'm rinsing this pretty thoroughly. Now I'm going to actually take the shampoo and I'm going to lightly and gently just wash the unit here. Then I'm actually going to hold the unit right here and just do a couple of pumps of conditioner and then I work it through on the top layer very gently and this is really just going to help get rid of any sort of knots that you may encounter in the system. Then I'm going to rinse that out.

Now if there is any additional glue on the unit you may have missed some you can simply just take a towel and lightly work the excess product off. After reading this article do you understand how to wash the hair system and remove the smell from hair system? You can try it in your home.



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