The Guide of Men's Hair Pieces Attached with Tapes and Clips

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How are men's hair pieces attached? This is a frequently asked question among people who wear a wig for the first time. While this may seem a piece of cake, there are also some details to look for and precautions that have to be strictly followed to ensure that the hair piece is attached properly and doesn't fall when the wind blows, when you run, or when you play around with your hair. Check out the guidelines below to master the best ways of securing your wig.

Attaching the wig using tape

Double-sided tapes are highly efficient at connecting the wig to the scalp. They are primarily used with a front lace base and are pretty easy to deal with. Here is how you secure a wig with tapes.

1. Scalp cleaning

If any impurity gets on the sticky surface of the tape, it reduces the hold it provides, making it inefficient. That's why you want the scalp to be flawlessly clean before applying the tape on it. First of all, wash your scalp with shampoo and dry it with a towel. Then, dampen a cloth in alcohol and rub the scalp skin in areas where you will secure the wig. It will remove oils and other dirt that may compromise the application process. If you have any scalp protector at hand, you can treat with it the bald areas and the hairline skin to minimize irritation.

Don't forget also about baby hairs at the front of the scalp. As small and innocent as you see them, they actually can be huge troublemakers. If they stick to the tapes, removing the tapes will be difficult and painful. That's why, if you have baby hairs, either shave them or use bobby pins to get them off the way. 

2. Tape application

Now that the scalp is ready, proceed with the tape job. Peel away one of the backing sides of the wig tape and place the tapes along the perimeter of your scalp. Try to stay one inch back from the hairline to prevent the tapes from being visible. More tapes may provide a stronger hold, but you need to apply the tapes at a certain distance from each other to allow the scalp to breathe and not sweat in excess. 

As the hairline is contoured with tapes, you are free to apply the wig. First, remove the upper side of the tape on the center of your scalp front and lay the wig on it. Press the wig to ensure it adheres well to the tape. Continue peeling away the backing sides of tapes along the hairline and apply the wig with pressure. 

Attaching the wig using clips

For those who wonder how are men's hair pieces attached, there is another method that is also easy to carry out. If you have pre-existing hair on your scalp, you can go with clips, a cheaper adherence tool, which provides a strong hold. Here is how you secure the wig in the clips.

1. Sew the clips to the wig base

Clips are individual devices, so you have to integrate them into the wig manually. Use thread and needle to secure the clips to the base. You are better off to go twice through each clip hole to make sure the connection is firm. If the pre-existing hair is much, you can sew more clips. However, it the hair is scarce, stay at just one clip at the front, one at the crown and one at the back of the head. 

2. Attach the wig

Learning how are male wig installed with clips is not a big deal, because it doesn't require professional skill. You just set the clips open and inject their teeth into the existing hair for a strong hold. As you secure the clips, close them, by pressing with your fingers to ensure they don't move while you are working out, running or dancing.   


For those who want to know how are men's hair pieces attached, there are several ways they can do it. Clips and double-sided tapes are the cheapest options you can fix your wig in place. Make sure you strictly follow the installation guidelines and work slowly and gently to get a stylish appearance in the end. 


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