The Feedback of Two Similiar LaVivid Hair Systems from Our Customers

June 01, 2020 What Our Customers Say Views: 2090

When you try to decide to pick one hair system from two similar styles, it is not an easy job. However, if someone has worn both hair systems and tell you the differences between these two, this must be really helpful for you to make a decision. This is what this article is about. A customers honest review of two similar hair systems from LaVivid after wearing them for half a year.

The two similar styles are LaVivid Eros and Mirage hair system for men. First, I will tell you the difference between these two from a product prospect.

Base: Eros is 0.02mm full ultra-thin skin while Mirage is 0.04mm super thin skin

Hair Density: Eros has 90% hair while Mirage has 95% hair


What Our Customer Say About These Two Similar Hair Systems


Amazing - But Read Below

This is an amazing system. You will certainly be happy. However, in my opinion, you are better off getting the slightly thicker .04-.05 system. It looks just as real, and it lasts a little longer and has a little thicker hair density. You can find my review on that page there as well, just look for a review by "E".

Don't get the wrong idea, this system is amazing. But personally, I prefer the slightly thicker one due to its slightly higher hair density and ability to last longer. But, either way, both systems are nearly invisible, and I have a middle part with an exposed hairline. 

Great product for sure.


Amazing Looks & Great Comfort

I live in a place that gets up to 110 degrees F in the summer, and even with this on, it feels the same as if I had nothing on at all. It is not scratchy or anything. After about 30 minutes, once it's on, you don't even notice it. 

I would highly recommend this, as it lasts longer than the thinner system, and looks just as good (if not better, since it has a higher density of hair). I use a middle part for my hairstyle and so even with a part and an exposed hairline, it is invisible.

The ONLY thing you need to watch out for, is to make sure you're gentle when brushing or cutting, as to not overstretch the skin. I would recommend getting it cut by Lavivid and not doing it yourself so you do not damage the skin by stretching it. Doing so can make the hair come out easier, and once the hair starts falling out a ton, the hairline becomes less realistic. Also make sure to condition the hair often. Remember, this is not real hair, it does not have your body's natural oils to keep it healthy.

If you're careful and take care of your system, this hair will look 100% real without a doubt for at least 4 months (how long I've had mine). Passing 4 months, it depends on how you've been treating your hair if it will remain looking good or if you may need to start thinking about when to get your next system.

Now you know the differences between these two popular hair systems from the wearers wearing experience aspect too. I hope it helps when you pick a full poly hair system. All in all, many thanks to lavivid hair, I am very glad to work with them.

skin hair system

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