Do You Want to Experienced Hair Greed when You Wear A Hair System?

November 30, 2020 Blog Views: 1191

Greed is an uncontrolled longing for an increase in the acquisition or use of something. While Hair Greed is a real feeling that some hair system wearers will experience in their hair system journey. Today, Jake is sharing with us his own experience of hair system hair greed.

The first time I heard about Hair Greed was from my friend DJ when he was talking about it in his video: ‘One of the most common questions that I get on my channel guys is why don't I get another hair transplant the reason why is because I actively avoid something called hair greed. You become greedy for more hair and this is a very slippery slope for guys who are losing their hair very quickly if you're trying to use minoxidil and finasteride even drum rolling essential oils whatever your pathway is to try to regrow the hair guys you got to be realistic with what is possible.’

What he talks about inside of hair greed in this subject is that you feel like you never have enough like even if you do something to improve yourself it's still not quite good enough. I didn't know it at the time but I actually think that I've been suffering a little bit from this myself inside of my own journey.

Over this past year a lot has changed in the way that I look, the way that I feel about myself now in that process over these past couple of months part of it was due to the stock that was available but you know I really got used to be looking the way that I did with having those thicker density units. You know I've been wearing 130 density units because they've been what's in stock but I got so comfortable and to be honest, loved having that much hair it was really nice because one it's so incredibly easy to style as you can basically do anything with your hair when you have that much hair and on top of that it just it was almost like a security blanket. Not just the fact that I was wearing it down in front of my face. I still love that look. I started to actually really like having that much hair even though I knew that it didn't really match up to my proper density that it didn't really work for me. I knew these problems were there and you know there's only so much I could do about it for time being but I think it's interesting like looking back. I was driving in my car today and thinking about how greedy I started getting. It wasn't enough for me to look natural it was like this I wanted to be supercharged or I wanted to be augmented to be like the best version that I could possibly be like if I was going to have hair again. Why don't I have all the hair in the world and look the craziest you know have the best hair look like a supermodel.

I had a reaction when I went down to this lower density unit, my first thought when I put on this unit, it was like oh I do not like how that looks. This is way too thin and I'm going to feel just a bit insecure with how little hair I have. As you can see I wasn't really sure if I liked it. It really was bothering me because there was so much less hair than I was used to and um I've gotten used to it. Now I actually like it and I think it's a lot more like undisputedly. This is probably a lot closer to what my density should naturally be. I never really did have super thick hair growing up. It was always like on the finer side meaning it wasn't coarse but it was also relatively thin.

I wanted to take my own experience my own story and the things that you know I'm going through on this journey and relay it to you if you can only get a certain type of unit because of the stock, that's great and I will never ever insult you. I will never ever even critique you for that because I understand like you you got to do what you got to do right if you're wearing a hair system and you can only get what you can go and get but that being said if you're feeling like you're getting comfortable with a unit that's higher density than you really think that you probably should have or like if there's that kernel of doubt like maybe this is a little bit too heavy or um this doesn't really seem to match the density of what I have going on don't be afraid to take that plunge. Don't be afraid to go with a lighter density unit and try to be more of yourself.

It's okay if you like me on your journey go a little bit on the side of hair greed and kind of go overboard can come back you can come back but I just want to encourage all of you out there on your journey that you know if you still haven't found the right look or you know if you think you might be getting a little bit greedy with your desire for hair take a step back and realize that sometimes nature is a little bit better looking.





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