The Tip on Choosing Hair Stuck in the Bond during Application

September 30, 2020

When you apply a hair system by yourself, you might come across a problem that the hair gets stuck in between your scalp and the bond. Today this great tip is shared by LaVivid Spokesperson Jake Kent.

So if there is hair get stuck in the bond, you must feel frustrated. So today we’re going to be talking about how to prevent that and how to fix that. Getting hair stuck underneath your bond basically in between your scalp and the hair system itself. Why does this happen? Well a lot of the times what happens is as we’re trying to fiddle with our hair system. We’re trying to get it in place, especially if the hair is long, it’s easy for the hair to get folded underneath as we’re trying to just straighten it out it takes a lot of dexterity with your hands to really make sure that this doesn’t happen but if you want to avoid it. Here’s a couple of tips. 

Brush Back and Clip the Hair 

What I like to do is to brush all the hair out in like a very easy to manage direction. What this means is that if I shampoo my unit and I get it ready for a fresh install I brush out all the knots and then after that, I brush it in the backward direction away from my scalp. The reason is because when I apply from the front so it’s helping avoid the hair get trapped underneath it as opposed to if I pushed it all forward.

Use Isopropyal Alchohol or Positioning Spray to Get the Hair Out

When the hair is stuck in the bond, you cannot pull the hair out directly but you need something to release the bond first and then gently pull the hair underneath out. Here you can use Isopropyl alcohol or Walker positioning spray. These two are both temporary bond breakers and this can help us get underneath the adhesive but not ruin the adhesive.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to spray it right at the edge where the hair is stuck. Then you can feel the bond is not sticky. Then I pull on the hair very gently. After the hair is out, I just lay this backdown and you want to press it back in make sure that it has a good bond.

Walker Positioning Spray

Actually, there is another easy way to prevent the hair been stuck in the bond which is using Walker Positioning Spray. Before you lay your hair toupee onto the scalp, spray a layer of positioning spray onto your scalp and it gives you 20 to 30 seconds and you can reposition the hair system until it goes to the right place. Of course, the hair won’t be stuck in the bond in the first place.

These are the tips that you can consider to use when the hair gets stuck in the bond during the application. Any more questions please feel free to contact us at