Hair Patches for Men! How Does It Work?

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Alopecia areata is a condition that causes people’s hair to fall out in patches. To cover up the bald patch and have a normal hair look again, a small hair patch will do the trick. 

TU2202  Side/Back Hair Patches for Men | Covering Bald Spots on Head Sides or Back

Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune disorder that often results in unpredictable hair loss. In the majority of cases, hair falls out in small patches around the size of a quarter. It is small but it does bother and people might find it emotional difficult living with patch losses like this. 

There is currently no cure for this, but a temporary non-surgical solution can be considered to cover the hair loss area and make your hair look normal again. 

This Side/Back hair patch can cover hair patches loss on the sides or back of the scalp. It has two sizes available and they are 1’’x1’’ and 2’’x2’’. If your hair loss area is not exactly a round one like this or the size doesn’t meet your needs, no worries, please choose the pre-cut service and we can cut the hair patch to match the size and shape you need. 

The base is super thin skin and it can blend in with the rest of your hair perfectly

TU2203   Temple Hair Patches | Covering Bald Temples

Temple hair patch loss is one of the earliest signs of male pattern baldness. It may affect one or both sides and there is no way to hide it with combing your hair towards the bald area

The Temple Hair Patch can help getting your normal hairline back. The size is 3’’x2.5’’ but it can be cut into the size or shape you want. All you need to do is selecting the Pre-style service and tell us the size and shape you need and we will make it happen. The base is super thin skin and it can blend in with the rest of your hair perfectly

TU2204   Crown Hair Patch | Covering Thinning or Balding Crown

A balding crown is one of the most common and recognizable signs of male pattern baldness. With this Crown Hair Patch, you can have a normal hair look again. It is better if you can find a professional locally and let him style and blend the hair patch to your own hair. So it looks just like your own hair.

It comes with two sizes of 4’’x4’’ and 5’’x5’’. If this is not the size you need, please choose Pre-Style service while before you add it to cart and let us know the size you need, we will cut the base accordingly. 

TP1911 Zeus Men's Frontal Hairpiece Specially Designed to Cover Male Receding Hairline

The Zeus male frontal hairpiece is specifically designed for people who have hair loss only at the front hairline, which is also commonly called a receding hairline, and still have healthy hair elsewhere on the head. With this product, people have no need to shave their heads to wear this piece; the only requirement is to bond this piece at the front hairline. It is very important to have a hairstylist blend the frontal hairpiece hair with people's existing hair.  This will lead to a much more natural and professional looking result.

TU2205   Heavy Receding Hairline Patch | Covering Receding Hairline and Head Top

Experiencing receding hairline together with thinning top? This is the product you are going to need. It comes in two sizes of 4’’x7’’ and 5’’x8’’. If this is not the size you need, please choose Pre-Style service while before you add it to cart and let us know the size and shape you need, we will cut the base accordingly. 

The base uses super thin skin, which is very thin and super light, and you can barely feel it on the head. Hairline uses v-looping technique and it gives you a super natural hairline and you can expose your hairline with no problem at all. 

Using a product like this, you need firstly shave the thinning hair area and use tape or glue to apply the hair patch. Then you will need a hairstylist to cut and style the hair to blend in with your own hair. 

We can always customize a hair patch based on your specific needs if you are looking for a different size, shape, hair color, hair density, hair length, etc. Please click the below link to submit your custom order request


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