What Do We Learn from A Hair Loss Treatment Clinic near Me?

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What can we get from a hair loss treatment clinic near me? The clinic will provide many surgical ways of hair loss treatment. According to the doctor’s reports, most of the reasons for hair loss are genetic factors.

How to treat hereditary alopecia

Hereditary alopecia, also known as male alopecia, is the most common type of male alopecia. Women also have hereditary alopecia, which is different from male genetic alopecia in dominance, while female genetic alopecia is recessive. Simply speaking, men will be bald, while women will be sparse as a whole. So what about genetic alopecia? Is there any good way to cure hereditary alopecia?

To answer the question of hereditary alopecia, let's start with the pathology of hereditary alopecia and take a look at what is the first disease in the list of hair killers.

Hereditary alopecia is caused by DHT in our bodies. After puberty, the level of male hormone secretion increases. At this time, the gene of hereditary alopecia begins to show dominance with the increase of DHT.

The hairline with hereditary alopecia begins to find that its hairline has receded and turned into an "M" shape, or the hair loss on the top of the head appears as a "Mediterranean Shape". This is a remarkable feature of hereditary alopecia.

So what about genetic alopecia? If you find this change in your head, you should seek medical attention immediately, because if you find that early treatment is early, hereditary alopecia can still be well controlled.

Note that I am talking about control, not cure. Because we haven't found all the genes that induce hereditary alopecia so far, we haven't found gene therapy to cure hereditary alopecia, and no drug can completely cure hereditary alopecia.

At present, the best and only way to cure genetic hair loss is hair transplantation. After we have passed the period of genetic hair loss, we use hair transplantation to transplant the hair follicles of permanent hair in the back pillow to the hair loss area on the top of the head and forehead.

Because the hair follicles in the back of your head are not affected by the genetic genes of hair loss, there will be no hair loss after hair transplantation. Hair loss can be cured with one hair transplant.

What about hair transplantation? Next time, a short text can help you find the answer, and finally, remind you that hair transplant surgery for hereditary hair loss must wait until the hair loss has passed the crazy period, and then a hair transplant can have the best effect.

Similarly, doctors in hair loss treatment clinic near me also recommend eating some vitamin B or foods rich in vitamin B to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Food including fish, meat products, and animal livers are all good sources of vitamin B. It is also abundant in molasses, yeast, beans, whole grains, peppers, bananas, and potatoes.

Although there are separately prepared vitamin B supplements, other kinds of vitamin B as a multivitamin, and other vitamins as multivitamin preparations, unwarranted vitamin B supplementation should be avoided.

This is because after absorbing the nutrients it can absorb, the body will simply eliminate any excess vitamin B. Vitamin B9 is a piece of reliable advice for pregnant women, because vitamin deficiency, especially in early embryonic development, may lead to birth defects.

Vitamin B supplementation should be considered when treating hair loss, especially hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency. For bald people who smoke or drink a lot, this is probably the reason for their hair loss.

Considering the number of biochemical processes depending on B vitamins, it is obvious that vitamin B supplementation can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. They nourish hair follicle cells in a particular way.

B vitamins that are known to help reverse alopecia include vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. Similarly, the lack of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5 can also lead to alopecia, which can be prevented by proper supplementation.

In the process of treating alopecia, the combination of vitamin B and zinc has a remarkable effect. Zinc and B vitamins can inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is synthesized by testosterone, which is considered the main cause of androgen-dependent alopecia. It leads to a rapid decline in the number and activity of hair follicle cells. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement B vitamins immediately to quickly reverse alopecia caused by DHT.

There are more treatments you can get in the hair loss treatment clinic near me. Let’s talk more next time. 


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